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Grammatik is one of the well-known bands in Polish rap business. The band was formed in 1997 by two MC’s – Eldo and Jotuze from Warsaw, Poland.

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Everything In An Egg Roll

OK. I gone egg roll crazy here. I just decided to rattle off a great variety of fillings for egg rolls. Both Savory and sweet. Meat Filled. 643 more words


Tax and Chum-ocracy vs. Bigot-ocracy

The UK political party conference season is gearing up with one of the main parties declaring plans for a tax-free personal allowance of £12,500 and a top rate of 40%. 88 more words

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Give Me a Break: Construction Workers Plead for Water Breaks

DALLAS – Let’s face it. It’s August, and it’s hot.

No one knows that better than construction workers. That’s why they’re asking for relief, and by relief we mean a break – and by a break we mean water. 187 more words


naps and lunch breaks

My new routine fell apart already. I worked an ungodly day yesterday, not leaving the office until almost ten. I couldn’t even bear to set my alarm for 4:15. 253 more words

Taking A Break

My and my sig. other are in the middle of taking a “break.”

It’s awful and terrible and I hate it and….I also kind of feel this weight being lifted off my shoulders.   328 more words

Saturday In The Park

The title of the latest blog post is one of this baseball bloggers favorite songs by the legendary group Chicago.  It’s been a long time since I’ve last been to a Saturday day game at AT&T Park.   896 more words