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Rest and Relaxation

It’s a long stretch from the beginning of a fall semester to Thanksgiving. Thirteen weeks for me this year. Since I get the whole week of Thanksgiving off, I don’t have a fall break. 151 more words


Tides and Currents South OC Beaches Today

Photo Used by Permission from Karin Horlick at karinppl@gmail.com

10/18. Sat 06:55 AM 4.49 H
10/18 Sat 12:50 PM 1.82 L
10/18 Sat 06:31 PM 4.41 H… 7 more words


I'm Lying To You Right Now, And I'll Keep Doing It

(because who needs honesty?)

Although I claim to post every day on this blog, this post is a bit of evidence to the contrary; this post will be published on Friday 17th October, but it’s actually being written – shock horror – on Thursday 16th October, a state of affairs that will continue until Monday. 276 more words

I Suck


Omarion and his Love & Hip Hop star girlfriend Apryl have reportedly split and it’s all because Apryl refused to give her son a DNA test to prove he’s Omario…

Writing After Absences

Disclaimer: what follows is a transcript of the video footage recovered from the scene of the, now infamous, SarMus Tower fire, . It contains references to deadly viruses and should not be read by those of a gullible disposition. 499 more words

Writing Advice

What's Getting Me Through

Some weeks are harder than others. Harder to get out of work on time. Harder to sneak in a run before all day light is lost. 278 more words


Overthruster - Revursels

Artist: Overthruster
title: Revursels
keywords: lobit, breaks, electronic, experimental
label: 20kbps  http://20kbps.sofapause.ch
reviewer: Leo Obit

Every world or scene has its own special roten fruit or perhaps their own fonzy. 400 more words