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Bad, bad catering assistant!

OMG! It is probably unprofessional and maybe even rude what I’ve just done. But, to my excuse, I’ve had enough… 8hrs in that place is enough. 487 more words

Dirt Road Graveyard

Dirt Road Graveyard

You’re like a graveyard

on an old dirt road

filled with ghosts

and fun to hold

séances in

(from my book Beautiful Graveyards, Farfalla Press)

Tides and Currents South OC Beaches Today

Photo used by Permission from Karin Horlick at karinppl@gmail.com

7:49 am 0.52 L

12:12pm 2.79 H

9:10pm 0.00 L

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I was that college freshman who couldn’t wait for move in day. I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. To leave my family behind and start anew. 349 more words


The Raged - Subvert EP REVIEW

Got some seriously heavy beats sent to me the other day courtesy of Electronic music fire starters The Raged. For those unaware who The Raged are I’ll tell you. 748 more words


Tides and Currents South OC Beaches Today

Photo by South OC Beaches at Salt Creek Beach Surfing Santa 2014

11/26 Wed 10:42 AM 5.52 H
11/26 Wed 06:07 PM -0.31 L

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