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Silly, silly, silly.  This actually has the same bass part as this  – DNA can be a very strange thing at times…

With thanks to Messrs Corrin and Mitchell

Bad Break

Debated whether or not to post this, but due to how it affects us around here

The boy fell and broke his arm on Thursday.   458 more words

Life In IL

Vaccine - Breathless

People often forget how diverse dubstep can be. Christine Clements or Vaccine, as she calls herself, is a testament to a style of dubstep that is often overlooked. 140 more words


Writefury Goes On Vacation

Hey, guys!

Well, looks like I’ll be off the grid for about a month. Where we’re going, I won’t have too much internet access, so I don’t think I’ll be able to post. 50 more words

Hi, it's me

I left without saying goodbye, and waited until I was too afraid to return. So, I waited some more. And realised why I never said goodbye. 470 more words


The Crystal Method Classic Live Sets (1997 - 2007) - Pack

This is a collection of classic/breaks TCM live sets from the old – pre “EDM” period, this is the stuff thats quite worth listening to and i felt the need to make this collection since The Crystal Method is now going totally wrong way and the qaulity stuff is becoming more like a part of the history than an actual reality but The Crystal Method remains the great band. 90 more words