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Science Has Just Had A Global Breakthrough... Have You Heard?

Irish researchers have achieved a breakthrough in the production of ‘wonder material’ graphene.  Scientists at the AMBER, a materials science centre at Trinity College Dublin and funded by Science Foundation Ireland, have discovered a way to produce the material in industrial quantities.   494 more words


The Lytro Illum: Lytro gets a chance to revolutionize photography, once again

Lytro had showcased to the world it’s revolutionary new Light-FIeld technology which promised to change photography forever. Lytro had even released a model later on, but it didn’t quite pick up steam due to its low-res capture resolution and half-baked hardware and software.

Something of Super Skin: A Leading Dermatologist's Guide to the Latest Breakthrough in Skin Care you should know.

Super Skin: An A to Z guide to total skin and nail care, covering everything you need to know about common skin problems, rashes, infections, growths, and special care for special places. 26 more words


Playing in CSS

The technical aspect of this weeks readings was somewhat intimidating at first blush. Yet, the longer I work with the content of this course and the more that I learn about the different aspects that make up the web pages that I browse everyday, I find that the technical aspects of the class become more simple. 225 more words

Through The Clouds

Through The Clouds

May these dark clouds be passing
Slowly they drift on by
With eyes fixed upon the distant
To the light beyond the storm… 75 more words


20 Change Within Reclaim your Joy in 30 Days

Reclaim your Joy in 30 Days

It’s Simple. It’s Fun. It’s Transformational 

Welcome to Reclaim Your Joy in 30 days. If you follow the daily ideas and inspirations I have outlined for you, within 30 days you will begin experiencing a renewed joy that will bring the WOW back into your life everyday. 96 more words


Toshiba unveils world's fastest MicroSD card

Your camera is slow? Is taking forever to recover between shots? Buy a faster memory card, it will increase your camera’s performances by leaps and bounds. 214 more words