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I'm still here.

Yes wordpress, once again, I’m still here! But that’s not all. And that’s not really what I want to write about.

“I’m Still Here” is a song from the Disney film, … 327 more words


'Optical fibre' made out of thin air .

Scientists say they have turned thin air into an ‘optical fibre’ that can transmit and amplify light signals without the need for any cables.

In a proof-of-principle experiment they created an “air waveguide” that could one day be used as an instantaneous optical fibre to any point on earth, or even into space. 569 more words



July 21st

Get ready. Are you ready for the breakthrough to your passion?
You must get excited about your passion. You can breathe life into your dreams and visions with your passion of it. 286 more words

Daily IN-spiration

"Walk, and by walking, make your way"

“….because stars are only born out of chaos” OSHO

Back in the day, when intellect was my strong suit, I went through a 5 year long obsession with mathematical philosophy (and chess), I actually claimed mathematics was my ‘religion/spiritual path’ because it made sense to me on a deeper level than anything else ever had. 1,680 more words

Biotoxin Illness

the next generation Buddha(s)

I realized today that for my sanity I must keep writing, even when I feel embarrassed and ashamed because (at times) I feel like I have lost most of my quickness and intelligence amongst my ever pervasive brain fog. 1,477 more words

Biotoxin Illness

University startup develops fast, accurate early disease detection

Any patient who has waited days for a blood test to come back knows it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Imagine if you had a device the size of a graphing calculator that could give you accurate results in 15 minutes? 877 more words


Larry Cockerel Motivational Keynote Speaker, Inspiring People to Reach Their Dreams

Larry Cockerel Motivational Keynote Speaker, Inspiring People to Reach for their Dreams an Goals | Interactive Motivational Keynote.

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