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Affirmations for the Submissions Process

Today is a good day for acceptance.

Today, I accept myself.

I send this poem out with intense acceptance for myself. I’ve completed it, and therefore, I’ve already won. 198 more words


Flight or Fight!

I recently had an opportunity to visit Japan.  A short film I directed, “Tomoko’s Kitchen,” was invited for a special screening at the Dream Box film festival in Nagoya. 1,200 more words


Who Knew Pt 2

I knew. I don’t really recall how I found out. Probably a friend of a friend saw the information on Facebook or had let me know that he was engaged, or I saw it in an obituary in the newspaper. 631 more words

Break Ups

Drilling expedition to pioneer research through deepest Antarctic ice

When it comes to polar research, the University of Minnesota is striving to reach new heights — or rather, new depths.

In June, construction began on a first-of-its-kind drilling platform that U researchers will use to penetrate almost 11,000 feet below the surface of the main polar ice cap in East Antarctica. 438 more words


Attempts to speak clearly (while underwater)...and the letting go.


My intention in writing this blog has been to (hopefully, if even on the most micro of levels) help shift the ohhh-so-often all consuming lens of fear and despair that most people with these ‘dis-eases’ are seeing and moving through life within. 1,658 more words

Biotoxin Illness

Discovery Capital bringing U discoveries to market

For startup companies strapped for funds, making it to product launch can take a long time. Most get there in three to five years, but for others it can take longer, even a decade. 394 more words


New device may be key to improving hearing for thousands

Implanted devices have helped people with hearing loss for many years. Most of these devices stimulate the auditory nerve associated with the cochlea, a bony inner ear structure. 472 more words