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The Beginning of the End

The last post was really hard to write- and even harder to recover from. Having finally tapped into my creative conscious and gained the strength to be vulnerable to you, my dear readers, I find that after finally opening up a little bit about this breakup that I have become stuck again…. 902 more words


The Breakup

It rained that night.

The first time I ever saw rain in the UAE was the night I dropped M off at airport for the last time. 804 more words


Thought Catalog Series #3

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Over Your Almost Relationship

Almost Relationship… especially in today’s society this happens all too often but now we have a title for it. 192 more words


My Bad Habit

I’ve come to a point where I no longer have anything to write about you. My mind isn’t consumed with things to say about you. My mind doesn’t keep me up at night by thinking about you. 384 more words



Hi Guys!💜

We have all had our share of bad breakups haven’t we? But mostly breakups are supposed to be bad, but I consider a breakup being bad if in fact the relationship was bad.. 306 more words


Pound of flesh

I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. He pestered me into this situation and at that time under the stress of his sentimental blackmail I gave in. 984 more words


Friendships are Relationships

These past few months, I’ve really been examining who I am and where my friends fit into that picture. Why? Because I’ve been getting comments about my style of communication, how I interact with people, and what I think friendship means. 696 more words