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In relationships, there is always that time when everyone gets tempted. Its wise to fight temptation cause if you don’t it will just make you a liar and when you get caught by your gf/bf you will shatter the trust and Love they had in you cause you couldn’t resist Cheating. 282 more words



It’s like a constant burning. My stomach burns, my heart burns, my eyes burn, my head burns…and in the midst of all this I’m expected to continue a normal day. 141 more words


My demons

He was never mine to begin with. But he was…

He took me in, spun me around, embraced me then confessed it would never work. I knew that the whole time… And so did he. 338 more words


Goodbye my love

I saw you in the morning light

Your soul so raw and bare

You kissed me oh so softly

Just barely touching the air above my lips… 151 more words


When is that 'One Day'?

Over and over again, I say I’m ready to move forward and really I am but I keep torturing myself.

When will the one day come when I can just move on?

103 more words

Ball's in your court

You ever have it in your life when you’re waiting for the other person to make the move? That you can plan accordingly based on what they do? 306 more words


Where My Heart Is

Well, its been a few days. Definitely more up beat than days past. I still see her every day, which makes things more difficult, but she has been cordial. 2,394 more words