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Im sorry

After a break up we tend to blame the other person,but if were honest with ourselves, its not always there fault.

Ive spent all this time blaming him and being angry. 29 more words

My Confession

So I know I haven’t posted in a couple of days and I will update you all on my new life I’ve started tomorrow. But right now its 4am here and I can’t sleep, so its time to do something I never thought I would. 351 more words


Thoughts on taking a break in a relationship

Relationships can be consuming in every aspect of the word. It will sometimes take you out of your normal routine as you find yourself spending more and more time with your mate. 582 more words


It's funny...

This breakup is like a rollercoaster.

One minute we are fine. One minute we are fighting. One minute we are not really talking. One minute we are pretending to be OK for our daughter. 190 more words

Ode to what was

You descended from nowhere and appeared in my life like a magician’s trick. I hadn’t the slightest inkling that a boy such as you, with a charming demeanor and a cheeky smile was going to steal my heart away. 448 more words


The Silver Lining

I know I’ve been talking about my break-up a lot. ¬†And I know how obnoxious it probably is, but this is the last of the break-up posts, and it’s really not at all about the break-up, but more about my revelations. 898 more words


Reasons Why People Hate Holly.

As I’ve mentioned all year, 2014 has proven itself to be the year of my past. Over the weekend, a friend from high school messaged me, and wanted to tell me about his latest “epic” breakup. 1,610 more words

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