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I am dating Patrick Bateman

I am in love with a man who has antisocial personality disorder.  Alright, so I am no psychologist, but I have looked this disorder up many times.   589 more words


Should it feel the same?

I saw my therapist tonight. I’m only seeing her once a month now. Really as a way of saying goodbye more than anything. When I first showed up a blubbering mess on her doorstep back in September I didn’t think I would ever feel OK again. 283 more words

Break Up

Olas y Ondas: Ill love

‘Chill love’ turned to ‘Ill love’ through some kind of lag on my computer – and the name just stuck! I am working through a breakup so the typo feels like a Freudian slip, not a computer error. 303 more words



When do possessions just become objects? Objects with no weight, no past, no emotional tie.

When does that sunflower colored daily planner no longer remind me of that Christmas eve when you cried because you said no one had ever understood you that way before? 116 more words


Fire-Engine Red

It was beautiful.
She was splayed out across his bed,
long, sandy hair splashed with the red of dye,
face placid as her eyes stared up at the ceiling. 113 more words


The Awakening

Reformed thinker: Dear Coffee, Let’s never break up again.

Dialogue Scraps


The reality is that when emotions are involved it is never as clear cut or easy to know what to do. People have selfish needs and need different types of fulfilment. 197 more words