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Dear Joe (again)


We broke up a few weeks ago, well maybe broke up isn’t the right wording because we were never in a real relationship. We weren’t exclusive, but we would go on dates, out to dinner, watch movies. 618 more words



I sleep in your sweatshirt almost every night. It makes me think that you are still here.


break up.

I thought breaking up with you would give me freedom,options, and I’d be okay, but I’m not. I’m broken. Why didn’t you fight for me? That’s all I ever wanted, i feel empty, nothing has color anymore, my world is pointless without you. 52 more words


She was green.
Green like moss, emerald, pine needles,
a step into a darkened forest with pure brown eyes
opening up like caves in the walls, taking me in, 127 more words


Wish I wasn't...

So hurt.

I’m no good at it.

So it’s been two months since my boyfriend became my ex. He met me at the door and his eyes looked greener and he asked me if my housemate was in. 308 more words


The prelude of a breakup or the last sweet seduction moment

It starts with a flirt….More or less, everybody flirted at some point with somebody…a smile, a certain body language that says “I like you”, a specific look in the eyes of potential lovers who meet and they make the “ 422 more words


New beginning to another end

She has no desire, hope or motivation for our marriage to continue.  She just wants it over for her happiness.

I am numb.  She gave me her heart on Christ’ birthday last year and took it back upon his death this year. 12 more words

Happily Married