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Sorry Breastfeeding, I’m breaking up with you

Dear Breastfeeding,

I need to tell you something. I know we’ve been seeing each other for 11 weeks but it’s not working out. The truth is, I’ve been seeing someone else for a couple of weeks now. 665 more words


What do you do with a broken heart
when it’s not your own,
and it’s blown apart?
What do you do with a
broken heart, 12 more words



I would rather be angry than not feel

If only to know that what we had was real

And for you to so easily move on… 83 more words


Day 1: Goodbye

10:00 PM

We officially ended things today, it was quite unceremonious. My ex had wanted to try again, but I was very unsure. I actually said I wanted to breakup on Sunday, but he kept asking for another chance. 305 more words

Goodbye Idea Man

I am done
with it.
Done with it.

I hold onto your face
as the only good part.
Your words and your style
are completely corrupt. 70 more words


And so it begins...

I’m sitting here at just before two in the afternoon, still in my pajamas, drinking green smoothie, and wondering if K is even thinking about me. 652 more words


Better to Have Loved

My boyfriend, of all people, was the one to show me this video. And of course I cried as I watched it, but silently and hiding my tears so he wouldn’t see. 327 more words