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The Breakup Kit

I am by no means an expert in breakups, but I fortunately I do have some relevant experience. For a while now I’ve been thinking about what one needs to survive a breakup. 85 more words

Tell me again

“Oh my god…. you feel so good..”

                     “I’ve been saying that in my head for the past twenty minutes.”

I have seven more days here. 78 more words


I made my Mom cry today

I’m on a road trip with my Mom, Step-Dad, and son…to visit my Mom’s only sister. About 9 hours of driving time. It’s close quarters in my car, but we are used to doing it together, and I grew up on road trips.  518 more words


Should I meet up with my ex boyfriend?

Dear Readers, 

Usually I have the answers or at least I like to feign that I do, but here is a question for all of you for a change.  251 more words


My blog is some thing different.Its about how people look at love and break ups.An inter attraction for people towards others.

           why are there people fail to continue their relation with others in any kind of way/?some just use others,they don’t love them as they says to be.if anyone says to you that you are the most valuable thing in the world for them.You could just know that its a lie,but some people go against tat fact because you are attracted to some thing else in him.These people  usually end u in a pit of broken heart.Even if you go there you wouldn’t be alone.You could see a lot more people than ever.If you are already in a relation ship you should be prepared for worst.But in some cases people get in relationship with true love for each other.Still a part of them also get in to break up.But it wouldn’t  last long.If they really love them you would miss each other in every point.And eventually they live a happy life with each other

A pop-up book of flowers from grade four are driving her insane

A stupid post set me off this week. A stupid post on stupid Facebook. I’m sorry Facebook, I don’t mean that.   But I sort of really do. 360 more words

8 Steps to Getting Past a Breakup

Those of us who have been dumped will probably agree… it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s such an ugly word too, DUMPED. 704 more words

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