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I'm Not a Ford Pinto

I’m Not a Ford Pinto

The AP reported “Dense Breasts a Problem for Tests.” Two things struck me: 1) Dense breasts hinder identifying cancer and 2) The “small benefit” of implementing ultrasound screening doesn’t matter to scientists. 325 more words

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Mammogram - NORMAL!!

OMG!! Talk about a sigh of relief!! I just had my second mammogram done on November 20th and got an email with the results – NORMAL!! 169 more words

Breast Cancer Screening

Cancer Claims Another Sister

Cancer Claims Another

News media reported another celebrity has died from cancer. This is becoming a weekly occurrence. It’s certainly monthly. Although the exact cause was not listed, and all cancers are bad, the prevalence of breast cancer deaths seems to be increasing. 250 more words

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Cancer Blows

It’s Not Cleveland

I’ve always liked the song “Goin’ through the Big D” by Mark Chesnutt. It’s about going through divorce—not Dallas. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt the same way. 261 more words

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Ella Health CEO Featured in Reuter's Article

Ella Health Chief Executive Melissa Dyrdahl recently got to talk about why we do so much to ensure that women have a better mammography experience. It’s all about making women more comfortable so they will be more likely to get a breast cancer screening exam. 141 more words

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Breast and Cervical cancer awareness and screening campaign

The concept was born in a humble manner and we commenced working on it immediately. I just shared my idea of introducing a breast cancer screening facility (that will spread nationwide) to some friends of mine in Med School and before we knew it the ball was rolling. 332 more words

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I wake up screening! [screaming?]

This was the title of a recent BMJ editorial. The general public and politicians do not understand screening. There is an inescapable logic in most peoples’ mind that suggests… 528 more words