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Hello, radical follicle reduction returns me

Radical Follicle reduction returns me
Returns me smiling and crying
On these calloused knees
Before your nail scared tree
I understand the pain
Watching a loved one suffer… 110 more words


Bound in words

Bound in words a mortal heart is forged.
Between thoughts and deeds begotten self often forgotten.
Dreams realized fears begun life with words willingly sung. 551 more words


Hello I've returned as each strand releases

I’ve return as each strand releases
Kneeling in praise
Far less is her pain
Stronger grows her faith
And mine
Watching others seeing her… 92 more words


Watching your expression

Watching your expression as you learned this fate.
Crestfallen as a diagnosis detailed a surgical date.
At me you looked eyes misty and red.
Great are these hearts filled with cancerous dread. 142 more words


Hello, me again thankfully returning

Me again thankfully returning
Returning on well worn knees
Singing your praises
Along with hers
Your creation
Swells this heart with pride
Living strongly… 109 more words


Downer documentaries

Yeah, so, as I’ve mentioned before, when mighty, mighty good man David travels for work it’s my time to watch downer documentaries.

David is in Amsterdam, which means our… 1,110 more words

Overwhelmed! Hopefully Tomorrow Is Better!

Today was my first day back to work after the transfer.  My sleep is better after returning home.  I think the meds need the bathroom in the middle of the night.  448 more words