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Hello, tripping over my own

tripping over my own wants i return to you
seeking her needs in prayers i continually call
passionate about her return to health
angry with my self… 63 more words



Just a few quick follow-ups to my last post.  I wasn’t going crazy or having a bad reaction to doing some work, my body was… 361 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

Hello open to discourse

Open to discourse between Heaven and here I return to you
Grappling with sanities virtues amid disconcerting revelations
Long after Wildfire last ravaged her cancers hidden cells… 155 more words


Hello, hopeful her healing

Hopeful her healing continues I return to you
Never doubting your promise of life
Humanities frustration plants doubts seeds we cannot see
She my love my wife carries great this fight… 137 more words


Going Forward:

Everyone is ready to relax so easy about pregnancy. “The doctors have an answer and everything.” Let me just relax right there. However, I lived through the bunch of medical testing done to rule out the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss. 1,074 more words

Hello within a distant darkness

Within a distant darkness to a certain light I return to you
Fumbling with life’s questions grumbling about what to do
As a last not first resort I pray… 80 more words


Dietary Chioces

So many people have made selective dietary choices these days — some are due to allergies, some are due to political beliefs, some are due to digestive issues, some are a choice for good health, and some are due to chronic conditions where food choices are critical. 408 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor