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Hello, unable to escape

Unable to escape this role I return
Never having sought this post
At least not knowingly accepting such a burden
Assuming now this trial from my host… 94 more words


The Journey Is Just Beginning

Today, November 26, 2014 is a true stepping stone memory that I will never forget.  Just remember that every sister of breast cancer journey is completely different and you and you alone must walk this path of survival that is best for you.  280 more words

Breast Cancer

Survivor Opportunities

I’ve written about being a cancer survivor and today I want to offer up thanks again, not just for surviving, but for the opportunities I’ve been  given to share my story, learn the story of others and participate in some really fun activities this year. 228 more words


Hello, on a nights sleep

On a nights sleep I’ve returned to you
Here between nights anxieties days realities
Seeking your hands to untrouble this heart and hers too… 47 more words


Hello, hungry for answers

Hungry for answers I’ve returned
Belittled by life’s demeaning events
Resistant to releasing my burdens
Grasping at her needs prayers sent
I thank you… 61 more words


Defeated spirits

Defeated spirits welding frustration hing on every thought.
Gathering strength in weakness each the others souls bought.
Simple words brandished in faith dispelling defeats message of hell. 51 more words


Hello, yelling at the walls

Yelling at the walls I return
Horse from tear filled calls
Damaged in caustic turns
Prayerfully at your knees I fall
I thank you… 50 more words