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Hello, freedoms call returns me

Freedoms call returns me to you
Kneeling in hope
Released from frustrations grip
Sipping loves sweet nectar
Waiting for wildfires return
Her words yearn… 92 more words


A Personal Note

This upcoming week will be emotionally draining, but I am determined to remain strong and positive. My grandmother (a 20-year breast cancer survivor) was recently diagnosed with Paget’s Disease of the breast, a rare form of breast cancer that accounts for less than 5% of all breast cancer cases in the United States. 86 more words


Hello, peace pushes me kneeling to you

Peace pushes me kneeling to you
Bound in your glorious embrace
My love
At peace with her hurts
At peace with her world
Ready for wildfires return… 117 more words


That's What Makes Us Beautiful

Beauty is not something that can be defined. Beauty is a feeling of power and confidence. Beauty is strength in the unknown even when circumstances allow you to succumb. 268 more words



This poem knocked on the door this afternoon
carried inside by the neighbor two doors down
a weather worn bodhisattva
in a beast of a coat she has named Franken… 47 more words



This poem crawled under the covers with me this morning
Little Dog has once again stealthily avoided the censure of Big Dog
who is chasing squirrels in his sleep… 85 more words


Coming To An Understanding That I May Have A Social Phobia

I have made many choices that others have critical of. These choices are what I believed were the best choices. Some of them weren’t. I carried a baby to term most would not have. 826 more words