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Most Common Causes of Stabbing Breast Pain

Some research suggests that up to 70 percent of women may experience stabbing breast pain over the course of their lives.

While the causes are often multifocal, they often include changes in hormone levels, a trauma to the breast or chest, or even the addition of a new prescription medication. 389 more words


Woman With 36NNN Breasts Undergoes Massive Reduction [VIDEO]

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Its probably safe to assume that most of us never even realized bras came in sizes like 36NNN; but apparently they do – even if they have to be custom made. 374 more words

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Woman Undergoes Massive Breast Reduction Surgery

Tah! there are all sorts of conditions out there. Shem. She been a 36NNN since she was 30 all coz of a skin condition http://t.co/P7Ifv05DRW…

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Scientists Say They've Found the Perfect Breasts

According to a study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—which involved asking over 1,300 people to look at pictures of naked boobies and rank them by hotness (stop laughing, this is serious research!)—people preferred a more “real” and “normal” look from their silicone, with the ideal breast shape having a 45:55 ratio. 60 more words

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Breast Reduction Surgery: Tips for choosig clinic

The breast reduction center/clinic offers great facilities and support for all the patients looking to go for the surgery. The patients can contact any of their nearest… 378 more words

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