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Duck Breast: Blue Cheese w/ Orange Sauce // Balsamic Red Wine Raisin Reduction

Had a farewell party for my colleague the other day over at my house. Whipped up a cozy dinner for 8 and this recipe was one of the three mains that night. 662 more words


Unsung Benefits of Breastfeeding

From the Stone Age until just a few generations ago, human infants’ only sustenance was mother’s milk, but modern infant formula seems to be an adequate substitute. 819 more words


[PHOTO] END SIGN! 3 Years Old girl grows Breast

The pix above is that of a three years old girl with breast as big as that of an adult.

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My mom died today


I was awakened at 3 am by my stepfather.

I had just left the hospital 7 hours before.

His first words were your mom is dead. 224 more words


Yesterday my sis wore a Life is Good shirt with that phrase you’ve seen “all who wander are not lost”.  A week ago, my son posted a picture labeled, “wandering but not lost” while he was exploring Oregon.   355 more words

Nancy Ferrato

Rufus and Dave's Fortnight of Fun part 3: Back to the hills.

“Rufus, I’ve got a new car. Look, it’s red and shiny.”

Dave, it’s a car. Like other cars, it has four wheels and a comfy seat for me to recline on while you drive me. 587 more words