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Fat Bottomed Girls

Well – one of the girls is me and the other one is Dad, who isn’t a girl. Obviously. And my bottom itself isn’t fat, but am wearing the new internally-padded cycling shorts. 422 more words

Overwhelming decisions & things to look forward to.

It’s Friday! Hurrah! I have detested this week. Detested it!

I’ve had meetings everyday this week at work and although I called to cancel a meeting with my Business Bank Manager that was scheduled for this morning, she still turned up right on time. 313 more words

Be well my friend

At the northwest corner, where the road met the state route, stood a four bedroom, two bathroom bluish-grayish farmhouse and a big, old white barn. In the house lived a family, the parents with a son, the oldest, and two daughters.  493 more words


Project Angel Food

In USA, a big part of any healthcare institution consists of volunteer “employees”. They are truly depending on this large group of people, to do a large variety of work. 456 more words


I Lost My Cankles

My 8th and final chemotherapy was last October 18, 2013, had surgery in November 2013 and completed 25 fractions of radiotherapy treatment January 2014. The first two pictures below show my cankles and chubby feet which was taken November 23, 2013. 117 more words

Those Four Words

I woke up this morning at my usual 4:33am (I am not kidding, this is the time I get up every morning. Thirty three minutes past four. 1,043 more words