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A new study from MIT implicates a family of RNA-binding proteins in the regulation of cancer, particularly in a subtype of breast cancer. These proteins, known as Musashi proteins, can force cells into a state associated with increased proliferation. 725 more words

First mammogram...

So my internal doctor freaked out when he saw my family history because there is a ton of cancer on both sides.  He ordered a high risk mammogram and wants to do genetic testing on me to see if I carry the gene for it and need both breasts removed.  383 more words

Our Day Out

“You know, we’ve been coming here for nearly thirty years,” Mum says. We’re at a pizza restaurant round the corner from the museums, sitting outside in December because it’s not too cold as long as we keep our coats on. 151 more words

Sharing is Caring

I often freak out at the fact that I’m blogging one of the most personal times of my life and sharing it with a bunch of internet strangers. 1,001 more words



“So, Tanya, how has your mood been?” Dr Stein my psychiatrist says – pen poised over my notes.
“Well, actually I think it’s lifted a bit,” I say. 319 more words

Fertility Journey: Flying Out Again for the Embryo Transfer.

Today was a bit of a mess, but my labs got done. My husband called me to tell me that he fell at work. Last year, he fell at the Christmas Parade and fractured his elbow. 195 more words

#secondary Infertility

Such a gap… 3 years…

There’s been changes of course. Change of job. Moved house.

Both directly a result of the whole breast cancer experience. … 270 more words

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