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My breastfeeding story

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week. I’m teaming up with Mom Bloggers Club to share my breastfeeding story and help spread awareness about breastfeeding. 646 more words


Michigan Legislature Protects Breastfeeding Mothers

The debate has raged for decades: whether new mothers should be allowed to breastfeed their babies in public. Restaurants have refused to serve them or asked them to leave while feminists have called it natural and urged them to stay. 295 more words

Criminal Case

Things they didn't tell you about being a mother

Before becoming a mother, I had watched my fair share of movies and comedies of the “dirtier” side of motherhood and was also introduced to a new kind of unconditional love a mother can have for her child. 496 more words


Get your baby on board the probiotic bandwagon?

Ah, probiotics. The supplement du jour.

It was only a matter of time. Just as we started wrapping our heads around the concept of consuming “live cultures” for gut health, the market spilled into the realm of baby products. 1,294 more words

Herbal Supplements

God Gave Me Superpowers

Being a Mom is definitely the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life. My son and I have a wonderful bond, but it wasn’t until my husband said to me a few days ago, “he looks at you like you gave him life” that it really sunk in. 485 more words


Forget Support, We Just Hope For No Judgment

Its so funny to me how when you have a kid, this is supposed to be such an amazing and happy time. Sure its a sleepless time where you are covered in spit up and poop so much you usually walk around in shorts and a sports bra, but hey even with those bags under your eyes and that stench of spit up or poop (not quite sure which one sometimes) its still a beautiful time, until the opinions start to come out. 976 more words