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Woman Says Anthropologie Manager Sent Her To Breastfeed On The Toilet

A woman in California says that Anthropologie used to be her favorite store, but she gave serious thought to boycotting the chain after a store manager asked her to please feed her six-week-old son in the bathroom, not in the back of the store. 454 more words


Part 2 of My Interview with Human Milk Researcher, Shannon L Kelleher, PhD: Pre-term Infants and NEC

I am thrilled to share part 2 of my interview with human milk researcher, Shannon L Kelleher, PhD. I wanted to share with everyone that Dr. 580 more words


Mum vs Mum

The further I venture into Mummy world the more obvious one sad thing becomes, there is an ongoing battle, a number of opinionated Mums who feel they are doing things the ‘right way’ and everybody who has a different opinion is failing in their role. 678 more words

The birth of Antonia Elinor Celeste

Warning: Long post. And, in Michael’s words, ‘men might not want to read it’ (a couple of gory details not left out). But when he got to the end he said he liked it very much. 2,239 more words


9 months with 2

Wow 9 months has seriously flown.

If you were a reader of this blog once upon a time then you may have noticed I very rarely write or post anymore. 568 more words


For the Nursing Moms and the "Friend" Who Reported My National Breastfeeding Month Photos

It’s National Breastfeeding Month! It is time to celebrate breastfeeding, promote it’s benefits and instill confidence in the women who want to breastfeed their babies. Did you celebrate by making your profile picture a breastfeeding photo? 1,397 more words


My Breastfeeding Journey

When I got pregnant with Ria in 2010, I was determined to breastfeed her because I understand the benefits of it. My parents were so supportive with my decision. 739 more words