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#365boobies Day 43: Gymnurstics and the unintentional bedtime routine

Gymnurstics (v):
The act of attempting to breastfeed a child while said child is climbing all over your torso, still attached.
(adapted from urbandictionary.com) 427 more words


I can't put my baby down!

“He’s always wanting to nurse!”

“She wants to be held all day long!”

“I have things I need to do! I can’t sit and cuddle her all day long!” 440 more words


Seamus's Birth Story (Only Five Years Late)

Seamus was six months old when I started this blog, so I never wrote about his birth. He’s been asking lots of questions about birth, and we had explained to him that a baby gives off signs when it’s ready to be born, and then the muscles in the uterus squeeze hard, and then finally the baby comes out through the cervix and vagina. 1,379 more words

Family Life

My Breastfeeding Story

My daughter Riley was born December 1, 2011. At 28+6, she was three months (12 weeks) early. I had been on hospital bed rest for 24 days prior to her birth due to my water breaking at 25+3. 1,714 more words


Transformation - Or, I can't believe I'm sharing this, but it's been awesome. #21dayfix

The week before I returned to work, I started thinking about working out. Yes, thinking. It was near impossible to do it with Trixie because all I could do was stare at her while she slept instead of doing things like working out or showering. 523 more words


Say No to Breastfeeding

No to breastfeeding?!

Ladies please, put the stones down!

This may be a good time to admit that the title is a little misleading, as I am not against breastfeeding. 736 more words

Almost at a year of breastfeeding!

I’m almost at year of breastfeeding, as a stay at home mother I can say that it has been a beautiful year along with its basic struggles. 49 more words

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