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Turkana Children in Kenya Continue to Suffer Malnutrition Amid Poor Health Services

Last week, I travelled from the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya, to Turkana County which is in the northern part of the country. Turkana is a largely pastoralist community with a population of 855,000 people. 1,113 more words


How I Helped My Baby Get Over the Cold in 3 Days - Medication Free

Last Friday was my little Bug’s 6 month birthday. I had been needing to find him a pediatrician for those just-in-case moments. I found one that fit my needs: a natural, holistic family doctor who takes Bug’s insurance. 600 more words

Clean Eating

To my breasts: a letter of apology

Dear breasts,

Guys, I have so many things to apologize for. Is it odd that I call you guys? Would you prefer girls? Ladies? Mammaries? 575 more words


Breastfeeding: take two

Breastfeeding has become taboo in some ways in our culture.  As working moms, we have had to deal with the decision how to feed our children, and figure out how to mesh that with our time away from our children. 1,692 more words


Road to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an art of its own. I mean; there’s just so much to learn! To prepare for my breastfeeding plans when the baby arrives, I’ve been consistently reading from both books and the Internet. 122 more words


WTB: Carbs, pls

Today I opened up my lunch bag and faced a moment’s befuddlement. Why did it look so empty?

After another second’s scrutiny, I realized I’d failed to pack an essential ingredient: my baked sweet potatoes. 192 more words


Hey people!

I’ve been busy making a sweet potato puree for Millie, one to have in the refrigerator, two in the freezer. While we’re doing BLS (Baby Led Solids) the jars are nice to have in case I need to have my MIL or FIL babysit. 609 more words