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Best Milk For Your Baby...!

I was at the pediatrician’s office for my 18 mo old second baby’s wellness visit. The nurse was jotting down the routine information, how many wet diapers…kind. 939 more words

Bubblymilkmom breastfeeding experience

This time, I was determined to do exclusively pumping for my 2nd baby.

& mummies! You gotta be very disciplined to be on exclusive pumping during the 1st month to establish your milk supply. 703 more words

Surviving the Holidays

I’m on a bit of a rant today, so I apologize in advance for this soapbox moment. So I was at a family gathering past Sunday, and my aunt asked the most innocuous question that just set me off like none other. 723 more words


Is Bottle-Feeding Really Easier for Babies than Breastfeeding?

I have often heard new moms and dads voice concern over the differences of feeding by bottle, whether it be expressed breast milk or formula, or feeding exclusively from the breast. 696 more words


Donating Liquid Gold

Did you know that the world record for breastmilk donation comes to a staggering 16,321 ounces? That does not even factor in the 7,000 that she donated years ago with her first child. 1,277 more words

Our Journey

Learning to Dance

I promise Everett’s birth story is coming soon, along with a little bit about his first weeks outside the womb. But for now, I really feel the need to write about where I am at this moment and what I am learning. 1,204 more words