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Dirty business: pumping at work

Anthrolactology is not my first foray into the blogosphere. Last year, I attempted to start a blog on the topic of pumping at work. My idea was to document the balancing act of working and breastfeeding through contributors’ stories and photos. 1,101 more words


We survived flying with a young baby!

With half of our Anglo-Italian baby’s family living abroad, it was only a matter of time before we had to take him on an aeroplane. 726 more words


Breastfeeding and Fertility

There are two myths about breastfeeding and its effect on the return of fertility after baby is born.

#1: Breastfeeding does not prevent pregnancy

#2: Breastfeeding prevents pregnancy… 296 more words


Breastfeeding/Tongue/Lip Tie

Anyone who has read this blog knows that the first 3.5 months of breastfeeding Alex were painful and we found various causes/reasons.  I just found this article though and wanted to share: 124 more words


How to go Back to Work at 6 Weeks

First of all, do everything you can to avoid going back to work at 6 weeks. If you have the option of unpaid leave, take it. 691 more words


The great cover debate

I am a breastfeeder.

I have an exclusively breastfed 3 month old who goes with me everywhere and while I don’t exactly go a lot of places I do go out in public fairly regularly. 665 more words

Road Trips with a Baby aka How to Lose your Sanity

Driving with a young child can go one of two ways- a fun bonding experience filled with smiles, coffee, laughter, and all that is bright in this world, or an incredibly stressful blood-pressure raising, gray-hair-inducing saga of suck. 1,056 more words