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3 a.m.

Whenever Teensy wakes up, she reminds me of a zombie coming to life on The Walking Dead. Her limbs move jerkily, her head wagging slowly back and forth, and she emits a creaking groan before going still again. 1,156 more words


My Breastfeeding Journey - 11 Months

In retrospect I probably should have tried to post regularly about my breastfeeding journey. It was difficult at the beginning, so very very difficult. By three weeks old I was able to feed in public but it hurt, there were latch issues although Elvis and I had established a routine. 325 more words

The Other Side

Eleven Months Old.

The countdown is on to a year. Where has time gone and what happened to my little baby? Hard to believe in just a couple weeks we’ll officially have a toddler (sniffle). 1,250 more words

Health & Body

Tips Thursday: Baby Connect

My tip of today is more a recommendation to any new Mums out there to get the Baby Connect App! It’s available on both Apple and Android and has honestly been one of the best apps I’ve downloaded in a long time. 335 more words

Pregnancy 31w1d

I laid down to take a nap yesterday, hoping sleep would give me a break from the pain for a little while. Inara suddenly got very active, so I put my hand on my belly to feel her. 402 more words


Save the Boobies~ Don't Wear Bras!

While I’ve been called a “hippie” my whole life, one stereotypical trait that I never had was not wearing a bra. Until now. Before I had my baby I had B-cups and I could wear any top without having to worry about falling out in downward dog in yoga, or jiggling while I ran or moved about my day. 531 more words

Yogini Momma

"Project: Breastfeeding"

Oftentimes Dads can feel left out. But it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault.

This post is for Dads who might not always feel 100% involved in the breastfeeding process. 381 more words