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Please Don't Judge Me For Getting A Boob Job

Recently I’ve decided to finally go through with getting a breast augmentation. And I found out that a lot of stigma is attached to this surgery. 830 more words

Honk the Hooter.

I promised a friend that I would dabble a little in the turbulent waters of breasts.  Much like the ebb and flow of the tides so breasts are also up and down.  353 more words

The Adventures Of Eros - Last Day At Work

Today was my last day at work for the year. The holidays are near and like most hard working people, I need a break. Some of the girls brought me Christmas gifts wrapped in girly paper. 401 more words


"Naked coffee" (69words)

“There had always been two things you had really appreciated in life.  One was fine coffee.  For you it was dark roast preferably, brewed to perfection, harnessing all the taste trapped in the freshly ground beans.   39 more words

Erotic Fiction

A little punishment never hurt anyone...

My owner gave me a little punishment for my little indiscretion. It’s really unusual that I would get to write it down during, because usually part of my punishment is that I can’t write in here. 473 more words

Udder Envy


I have noticed something on a few of the blogs I have researched.  That is this: many of the young ladies seem to have a problem with the size of their… 432 more words


Intellectual Property Theft, Part II

Revived in hope of still capitalizing on my fabulous notion, my new version of the breast book followed these chapter headings: