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Transparent Bra Straps

These are the most annoying thing EVER.

I was at a social gathering recently, with a male friend, where he thought he was witness to a subtle yet poignant display of bravery. 478 more words

Of Life And Other Jazz

Day 72 -- Mammary

Spent Monday following along with Sycra’s How to Draw Breasts, in an effort to improve my ability to draw the females overall.  I found it interesting that I tend not to think about the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts and how they affect their shape.   49 more words

Daily Draw

VIDEO: Syd Wilder Explains Boob Farts

Every year hundreds, thousands–mayhap even scores of dozens of handfuls–of aspiring actors make their way to Hollywood to chase that dream of occupying the limelight. Some do it to explore their passion. 233 more words



Somebody is ready to get intimate. Lovely.

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Nude Woman


Damn right she’s smiling. Getting pussy licked by another woman is awesome.

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Nude Woman

hair everywhere

Exquisite! Hair everywhere! Check out her legs. Lovely.

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Nude Woman