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For the Nursing Moms and the "Friend" Who Reported My National Breastfeeding Month Photos

It’s National Breastfeeding Month! It is time to celebrate breastfeeding, promote it’s benefits and instill confidence in the women who want to breastfeed their babies. Did you celebrate by making your profile picture a breastfeeding photo? 1,451 more words


Latina's Grow Huge Breasts At a Young Age

The main reason why I befriend a lot of Hispanic girls is for the simple fact that they grow their breasts bigger and faster than most girls of different races, in my opinion. 218 more words

I Will Never Understand Women

If there’s grass on the lawn, you still shouldn’t hump the lawn chairs.

Sila Hans, 33, is charged with indecent exposure and urinating in public after Seattle cops received a complaint that she was urinating on a family’s yard and “humping” outdoor chairs, according to The Smoking Gun. 125 more words


I will come to the Dome early tomorrow on my usual pilgrimage to Gare du Nord

“I will come to the Dome early tomorrow on my usual pilgrimage to Gare du Nord, then spend rest of the day snoozing in Cine Paris or Fifth Avenue, before getting back to Midi by 7 for the last train home. 230 more words

Tales from the London Underground #106

It was only last week I wrote how a passenger opposite was frustrated at his laptop, that is now deemed as antiquated as gas street lights….. 379 more words


State Regulation of Women's Bodies: Abortion and Breastfeeding

Dr. Patrick Johnson is the director of Personhood Ohio, “an organization committed the restoring the personhood rights of unborn children through an amendment to the Ohio constitution.” 639 more words