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HOT!!! Why I love to expose my breasts – Emma Nyra

 In a recent chat with Encomium magazine, singer, Emma Nyra disclosed the reason she always reveals her boobs in videos and at events.

“It’s not that I flaunt them but part of your selling point as a female artist is your body, your voice, your look, your hair, everything. 441 more words


Does keeping your cell phone against your chest cause breast cancer?

I was reading the web comic Murry and Lewy, and saw one of the titular characters whip a cell phone from their boosom. This immediately reminded me of a concerned customer at the grocery store I work at who warned that keeping my phone in the breast pocket of my jacket could cause me to develop breast cancer. 105 more words


Willow Smith is my role model.

Along with Anthony Bourdain, Ellen Degeneres and Emma Thompson, Willow Smith is another person whose company and conversation I imagine I’d enjoy…on a lazy Sunday afternoon…at brunch…at a quaint, inconspicuous restaurant…in the Village…in late spring. 556 more words


I'm Guilty! I'm Guilty!

I know what some of my friends are thinking… “But this is a FORMULA FEEDING add!!! We can’t like it because formula is BAD!”

It takes a village, people.


The Breasts in Ugly Betty

Those wonderful breasts on Hilda and Amanda emit a glow of comfort and warmth.  They remind me of the time when I only saw beauty in humanity.   321 more words


“The End of Mama” by Candace Carrabus

This story appears in the anthology “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Mom.”

Hard as I tried to prevent it, my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter learned about the dreaded Barbie doll via preschool. 1,169 more words


Page 3: Tasteful or Disgraceful?

Earlier this week, The Sun newspaper briefly stopped posting pictures of topless women for the first time in over 40 years. Feminists and activists claimed it was a partial victory for their No More Page 3 campaign, which has amassed 217,000 signatures since it was launched in 2012. 453 more words