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Breast Stimulation: 5 Ways To Make Her Melt [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

Ahhh, the amazing breasts. You worked so hard to get to them. You probably even imagined what it would be like to squeeze them in your hands for the first time. 998 more words

This Woman Says Her Enormous Fake Breasts Make Her A Better Mother

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If you want to get huge fake clown boobs, more power to you. Especially if you can come up with a great excuse for why you didn’t just want them, you NEEDED them. 148 more words


Spring Break?

Last summer, I found a ton of these tags around Oaxaca. On the way to the bus: Spring Break, on the wall opposite the botanical garden: Spring Break, on a driveway gate: these same breasts. 26 more words


Yemoja's Client

He had a good reason to believe the stories his mother told him. This afternoon as the sun beat on his bald pate, and he felt the urge to go home, he remembered some of those stories. 1,332 more words


Nipple play

You are witty, smart and wicked. Maybe we should meet up over a Rioja Reserva somewhere classy and exchange some filthy banter.

There would be a touch of small talk as we selected our table in the window. 523 more words


The 32 Worst Things To Say When You First See Someone Naked

Found on AskReddit.


“Aww, look at it…it’s so cuuuute.”




“Turn the lights off." ”


“You need to get that checked out.”

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