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Cull River Road House (Part One)

This is the 1st installment of a full length story I’ve been working on (this story has been protected)

The door swung open fast, a gust of wind carrying in fresh snow from the porch. 819 more words

Did Bill Clinton Get Caught Taking A Peek At This Lady's Boobs?

Looks like Bill Clinton has gone from photobombing little girls to letting in his eyes wander in the middle of random women’s selfies. A zebra clearly can’t change its spots, even if that zebra was a pretty good president compared to the last few we’ve had. 145 more words

Web Culture

First Traniversary

One year on hormones. Wow. In many ways, it feels like a decade. A mostly happy decade.

First off, thank you readers. This blog began as a public journal so I could educate and explain things to those people close to my heart. 2,027 more words

Blast from the past, wine and bath time

so i am drinking again
honestly it doenst happen often
a beer here
a beer there
a glass of wine or a cocktail
ok last time in public it was a double rum mojito times 2 but that was an odd occurrence… 130 more words

Erotic Photography


How do you mourn body parts? I certainly shouldn’t be a stranger to the process, a total hysterectomy before my 40th birthday – but I didn’t mourn the organs… 596 more words

Breast Cancer

Breast Implants... A Beauty Or A Beast?

While they are paraded on every celebrity we know, and are openly talked about amongst everyone, including those that own them. We all know what they are, and some of us have secretly wanted them… breast implants, a beauty or a beast? 1,037 more words