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Insight Meditation: A Step-by-Step Course on How to Meditate Review and Experience

This course features a workbook (this includes theory, question and answers, detail descriptions of the meditation exercises and questions for reflection), two dvds with six different guided meditation and a series of cards with important points for quick reference. 2,646 more words


Body Stillness

During the last few weeks our meditation class has been working on a practice known as Kaya Sthairyam or body stillness. This practice is considered to be one of the essential elements in establishing  a good meditation practice and this is probably because the first step in learning to meditate is to sit still! 385 more words

Before you Speak

I will always remember what my teacher said to our group on the first day of yoga teacher training. She told us, from this moment on, always to try to keep some part of your attention on your breath.   276 more words


Reality, Ritual, Resignation

I’ve often wondered about the value of a hermit existence. Is it of value to anyone other than the hermit?

We live in stressful times. Driving anywhere is more than challenging. 502 more words

Spiritual Life