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ROSEMARY'S EXPLORATION: Choose to Celebrate!

You are always at a point of choice about how you will respond to a given situation. The way it works is: an event happens, you have a knee-jerk reaction, and you respond. 550 more words

Guidance For Conscious Living

breathing power: diaphragm, intercostals, pelvic floor...breathing gym & sensitivity and power: enlivening and strengthening impulses...free weights ~ day thirteen

this lesson is twelve and thirteen combined into one, which i’ll be doing for approximately two weeks.

step 1

this is a breathing exercise focusing specifically on the ribs, one side at a time.   1,082 more words


Exploring Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The area of Playa del Carmen is about a 30 minute walk from my hotel. I insisted on walking, instead of taking a taxi, since most of the locals walk to and from their work. 167 more words


Life refracts along a tubular timescale: a sonnet

The Flautist’s finger lifts,
Releasing breath
Intoning its demise.

Young lives pierce ears:
Too much let blast in
Too jagged a shrill
Eliciting tears.

Longer lives breed mellow tones, 21 more words


The Balance

I get that life is about balance.  I’m trying to meditate more; I hope it will help me.  I imagine myself as an upside down, isosceles triangle, that is resting perfectly on its apex.  254 more words

The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

Although we are not camels (or maybe some of us are?) I know that I am not alone when I say that we are sometimes overloaded. 753 more words


Thought of the Day

The best way to test the ignorant is to let them test their theories and ideas.  Face the idea that you believed in so much in the shoes of someone that you called stupid. 73 more words