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breathing power: diaphragm, intercostals, pelvic floor...breathing gym & sensitivity and power: enlivening and strengthening impulses...free weights ~ day ten

this lesson is twelve and thirteen combined into one, which i’ll be doing for approximately two weeks.

step 1

this is a breathing exercise focusing specifically on the ribs, one side at a time.   1,117 more words


De Segunda

Acorda e vive que o café tá quente
Enquanto disse e você não entende
Faz de conta que também não vê
Porque é mais fácil que sofrer… 113 more words


Last Breath

Thus it comes, aged in oak, dripping embers,

words, wisdom, worry, least expected,

the sweetest inheritance from

uninvited bedfellows

circling for a sudden

sight of mastery… 8 more words


Resist by Sarah Crossan

The grove has been destroyed. Bea and Quinn have been kicked out of the pod. Alina and the few pod survivors head for another resistance hideout. 109 more words

Dystopian Future


Beneath the calculation
of substance and structure,
an awareness,
deep within the breath of stillness,
embraces all.

Ronald Erling Nilson 2014


looking out

I sit
looking out
at the lake

you’re there

I pause
hearts begin
to beat
in unison

spine lengthens
rocks me
like the waves… 21 more words