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This IS the Year of The Horse, that being said, It is my year (and anyone else born in 1990). If no one has explained The Chinese Year of the Horse to you, Here is a good link:   641 more words


Here’s something I just thought of and thought I should write down…

My poem.. Called Breathe

As I gaze into space

Quivering with anticipation,

I feel the panic inside take over… 113 more words


A Breath of Life

We all need to breathe; we need to take in air, to release toxins, to calm, to invigorate, to speak, to live. Most of us do it all wrong. 1,017 more words

just be

Just be.

Take a minute. Just one minute is all you need. Close your eyes and breathe in. Feel the air enter your body. Feel your lungs expand and your body grow. 292 more words


I, awaken

It is as if I woke up
As if, my sleep had gone on
For too long
As if, this cycle’s end has
Finally come… 149 more words


Like Everything, It's All About Timing

You can’t rush genius. You can’t rush perfection. You can’t rush art, which in itself is perfection because it’s your passion. We’ve heard all of these sayings before, either from our own mouths or the mouths of relatives. 248 more words