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Mid-Day Meditation

This week we feature a meditative exercise created by Kristin Skelton. Hailing from Canada, Kristen and I met while she was interning in DC. She now teaches elementary school English in South Korea. 119 more words


2014 04 23 02

Continue to breathe

You are stronger than this stress

And will overcome


DBT and Atavan

From the moment I wake my mind snaps into action. Like a runaway train I’m learning to let these thoughts go and not to get swept up in them. 691 more words


Breathing in their words

We all have conflict and some of us are blessed with experiencing conflict every day; sometimes it is of the human variety; others it is not. 368 more words


Taking care – a reminder for when things get difficult


This is a post to my future self – my future self who will emerge, as previous selves have done at certain times throughout the year: when the marking load gets intense, so that I am marking all day every day for as far as the eye can see; when winter has been around for a few months and everything is a bit too much of an effort; when I have scheduled too many things into my diary because I ‘should’ rather than because I want to… 268 more words