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Practice makes you good. Patience makes you the best.

If there’s something I’ve learnt in the times that I have been practicing yoga is that if you’re patient all will come to you. Not only in your stretches, or your demanding poses, but by controlling your breath. 249 more words

Guest Post - Slow Down and Breathe, Big People… Life is What You Make It

I am a year old. I made it one year already, and Mama says I have many to go hopefully, and that one day a long, long time from now I will get to be a giant person like her and Daddy. 553 more words


Breathing 101: The Benefits and the How-To of Deep Breathing

BreatheDeeply…inhale through your nose counting 1…2…3…4…5, and exhale though your mouth counting 5…4…3…2…1, pause for 3 seconds, and begin again.

Psst! If only your chest puffed up, you need some Breathing 101. 524 more words

Surrender Fast

Breathe of me

I feel in me you
I see in me you
I hear in me your voice
I hear in me a soul of yours

Every little thing we do… 53 more words


RHODES | Breathe

RHODES are great. I remember hearing “Your Soul” on Soundcloud and shoving it on endless repeat (bit of a theme there) in the photo studios at university. 139 more words

New Music

Infertility Faux Pas

What not to say to a woman who can’t get pregnant

Author Tracy Buchanan has ‘dodgy eggs’ and struggled to conceive for five years. During that time, she was flabbergasted by some of the ‘comforting’ advice she got – even from well-meaning friends. 136 more words


Nightmares and Anxiety

Due to my Anxiety, I tend to be plagued by nightmares. Tonight is one of those cases.

In the dream, a man with a gun was coercing me to steal money for him. 343 more words