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Sometimes All We Need is a Little Air

I’m sitting on the back porch and don’t have much to say. Instead, I’m listening to a train, to some birds, and noticing how the sun only reaches past the shade to my toes. 536 more words



It had felt like I was sitting on a dusty shelf

My stories, my dreams, my purpose


But then someone turned the light on in the room. 477 more words

Tips for Writers

I was asked to submit some advice for the new cohorts in my low-residency MFA in Creative Writing at OSU
Here was my advice to all the new incoming, aspiring writers: 98 more words


Does Your Accent Get Stronger When You Feel Nervous?

Many of my accent reduction clients tell me that their accent gets worse when they feel nervous.
Even my clients who have made huge improvements with their spoken English tell me that they speak too quickly, become hoarse or stumble over their words when they are nervous. 479 more words


I ♥ Travel!

Essaouira-Morocco, Travel, vacation, freedom, beach, photography, culture, people, adventures, languages, love, moments, fruits, cafes, sunsets, sunrises, running, dancing, seagulls, narrow streets, retro, vintage antiques, leather, oranges, rugs, palm trees, mint tea, rocks, scarfs, fresh bread, lanterns, humidity, curly hair, smiling, Arabic music, architecture, white walls, scenery, views… ♥

Wisdom Wednesday: Sing, Whistle or Blow Bubbles

One of the easiest and fun things we can do to improve our mood and health is to breathe. Have you ever found yourself breathing so shallowly that you were almost unconsciously holding your breath, especially in moments of concentration or stress? 202 more words