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'Standvastige' Homofoob PvdA'er Nouhi houdt vast aan Wachtgeld en kritiek op HRW .

‘Standvastige’ PvdA-er de Homofoob Nouhi houdt vast aan kritiek op HRW en daar kan zijn Standvastige Oportunistiche Partij leider de Playboy Diederik Samsom en zijn ‘banen-graai-gabber in crime’ …
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Pregnancy is not an illness ......

…….. Well it isn’t in Holland anyhow. It is funny isn’t how every where around the world they treat pregnancy differently. This is my first time being pregnant in Holland and it is different to being pregnant in Spain. 974 more words


Breda, Netherlands at night

Gold and Blue – Breda, Netherlands

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? The urban night-time scenes? Until now, almost all of my postings from the Netherlands were from the daytime, which is unusual for me. 714 more words

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The first holiday I was fortunate enough to experience in the Netherlands was Carnaval. I had heard of Carnaval before via a Heath Ledger movie-watching frenzy I went on (Carnaval appears in A Knight’s Tale.) Carnaval is a Christian holiday, so not every town in the Netherlands celebrates it; we ventured to a more southern region called Breda for the occasion. 1,073 more words


Breda, Netherlands: A small city with irresistible charm

Cobbles and Charm – Breda, Netherlands

Living the typical suburban lifestyle in the United States, it’s easy to forget how charming cities can be. Even living in Austin, which is probably better than many places in America, one realizes we have a ways to go. 646 more words

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Intro Breda

Breda. De stad die nooit in opgekomen is om te studeren.Toen ik een facebookberichtje zag dat een meisje zich daar had aangemeld voor de opleiding communicatie ben ik ook eens gaan kijken. 406 more words