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Stubborn is as stubborn does

When we found out I was pregnant things didn’t change straight away.  We had the happy job of telling our parents we were expecting – all of them were over the moon.  855 more words

The Home Stretch

Hello Little Mac! Mommy has been a negligent correspondent again. Today you are 35w 5d old. We want you to keep cooking for a few more weeks, but it’s comforting to know that if you were born soon, you’d be ok. 429 more words

Mommy's Thoughts

Why is Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Such a Good Idea {Part 2}

In the previous post we talked about the importance of the nerve system during pregnancy and about how important it is to maintain a clear brain-body connection to optimize mom’s and baby’s health and development.  542 more words


39 Weeks

Another busy few weeks, resulting in another absence in my blogging efforts.

Since finding out that my baby girl was breeched, I’ve been doing everything I possibly can to ensure that she would be encouraged to flip around and get in the downward position, though I was fairly sure all my attempts were failing, she felt completely and utterly snug where she was. 398 more words



From the moment my wife, Hannah and I learned we were pregnant, time seemed to drag on and on. The anticipation was numbing to say the least. 1,787 more words


pasture at dawn

before dawn, fog is chill

cold-marinating the skin

nibbling through flesh

penetrating to marrow

through bones no longer

strong to frame the cow

exhausted by labor… 54 more words

Nature Poems



  • Lie – the long axis of the fetus
    • Transverse
    • Longitudinal
  • Presentation – the part of the body facing the outlet
    • Cephalic
    • Shoulder
    • Breech
  • Presenting Part – the actual organ facing the outlet…
  • 286 more words