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My (annoying) memory lane

Anyone that knows me well knows that I have an annoyingly good memory. I remember the useless stuff – what I wore to something or other, what the weather was like on such-and-such a day, and (most important of all, I’m sure you’ll agree) what I – and others – ate on these occasions.

Random Ramblings

Let’s talk about C-Sections Baby - 30 weeks

Friday we had an appointment with my OB. She confirmed that the ultrasound we did on Tuesday showed no abnormalities (yay!) and (as reported in last week’s update) that Baby is a little on the large side. 722 more words

28 weeks

A bit late, yes, but I’m still 28 weeks! This week has been full of chaos and craziness as we prepared for our big move. We are officially in our new house, thanks to the help of several great friends and family members and are excited to figure out how to live here. 135 more words

Baby 3

My Twin Birth Story

Those who follow my blog are probably wondering how come my pregnancy updates stopped at 29 weeks. I did not update this blog since late February because the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy was not pleasant. 1,038 more words


"I had a c-section because no one knew how to help me"

I felt such strength during pregnancy. Things had gone great, healthy baby and mama throughout. Our hospital was on board with natural childbirth and were happy to intervene as little as possible. 195 more words


38 weeks

How far along?
38 weeks

How big is the baby?
Size of a watermelon, so I’m told

Weight class in UFC:
Middleweight. Chris Weidman…come at me bro. 306 more words


Did You Know? (19 June 2014)

Another roundup of links that first appeared on Williamsburg Mothering’s Facebook page – “LIKE” Williamsburg Mothering on Facebook to get the latest links as soon as they’re up! 288 more words

Did You Know?