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Meet & Greet at Swiss Star Farms

Hope y’all had as happy of a weekend as I did!  (You probably didn’t though, because mine involved granddaughters and puppies, and unless you had those 2 things going for you, then you didn’t.)   Sorry. 369 more words


Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my birthday! And here to help me celebrate are all six of Clara’s babies with their eyes open! Already I can tell that they will be big sweethearts like their parents, and especially like their Dad, Henry. 81 more words


Wicked Wake Up Call: The Dog Breeder

Scott has been trying to get his dog fixed for a while now, but every time he tries to get her fixed she gets pregnant. Alicia Love is going to call him to let him know he needs to apply to get a breeder’s license. 97 more words


Finding a breeder

After choosing a breed, the next step is to find a breeder.  Being puppy “virgins”, this task was very intimidating. The PWD is not a breed you simply find on kijiji, ready to go. 963 more words

Breeder Answers Calls for Older Sugar Gliders for Sale in San Antonio

“For families looking for a pair of sugar gliders, The Pet Glider offers “Jose & Ava,” a cute and delightful pair of classic male and mosaic female, respectively. 143 more words

Young Breeder's Lament

It’s a tough world, a tough economy and a tough business. The horse industry is floundering. Horse people are trying to keep afloat an industry overstuffed with horses. 639 more words