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Egg laying is under way at Penguins Rock

Easter may be over and all the Easter eggs gone, but here at Penguins Rock the penguins eggs are very much still here.

We saw our first gentoo egg laid at the end of March by an established pair and all throughout April many more have been laid – giving us a total of 34. 180 more words


The winter of 2013-14 was tough on cattle producers

T. R. Troxel and M. S. Gadberry

According to the national weather service, the average monthly temperatures were colder than normal beginning in November 2013 and this pattern continued through March 2014, making the winter of 2013 – 14 one of the longest winter hay feeding periods in recent memory. 912 more words

Beef Cattle

How to tell what species have moved in?

At SDU the breeding season is in full swing with numerous eggs being laid every single day in 100+ nest boxes in the woods surrounding the university in Odense (Denmark). 509 more words

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Penguin breeding season has begun

With spring in the air it’s all go at Penguins Rock. Edinburgh zoo is currently home to 77 gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua). The colony consists of young chicks from last year to older birds like ‘Wuppi’ who is in her 30’s. 263 more words


Wedding season:

Nature’s confetti,

Blowing around at my feet -

Church bells are ringing.


The Importance of a Good Vet

There is a quote that states, “More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them,” folks in the cattle industry are no different. 937 more words

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The Bluebirds Are Building

It is the beginning of breeding season, and birds are beginning to pair up and build their nests.

This morning I noticed a female bluebird bringing small sticks and a few strands of mulch to one of the houses we set up last year.  113 more words

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