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Ignored FBI Statistic: Nearly 200 Americans Kidnapped in Mexico in the last year alone - Politicians remain quiet

ILDEFONSO ORTIZ: MCALLEN, Texas — Almost 200 Americans have been kidnapped in Mexico this past year; 79 of those kidnappings took place just south of the Texas border in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, according to an FBI interview with Breitbart Texas. 53 more words


Man falsely accused of rape by actress Lena Dunham sets up legal defense fund

Actress Lena Dunham is an exhibitionist who strips naked on the HBO cable TV show “Girls” and has a penchant for tweeting and instagramming nude pictures of her chubby self. 543 more words

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Women's History Museum Does Not Belong in Defense Budget

On October 11, Rengin Yusuf died. She was a mom, a warrior and a young Peshmergan fighter who died in battle against ISIS. According to Sandor Jaszberenyi’s piece in the Wall Street Journal, she was part of a brave group of women who are particularly successful in combat, due in part to ISIS’s belief that being killed by a woman fighter excludes one from the complimentary 72 virgins in Paradise. 601 more words


The awakening

“THE OBAMA ERA is over.” So opined one of the collectivist mouthpieces Tuesday night on the basement-rated Bolshevik television network called MSNBC.

I was somewhat surprised at the election results. 388 more words