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Breitbart's Rules of Engagement - 1. Don't Be Afraid to go Into Enemy Territory

1. Don’t be afraid to go into enemy territory.

This is perhaps the most important rule you’ll read in this book, and the one most likely to be ignored by the Republican Party and the Old Guard in the conservative movement. 509 more words

Political Philosophy

President Lucifer golfs while the world burns

  • The only Pro-Infanticide president in American history
  • Planned Parenthood’s greatest supporter
  • Secretly supporting jihadists across Africa and the Middle East with military supply, training and logistics…
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Pondering The White House Amnesty Spin Machine

Nice try, Josh, but you’re just putting lipstick on a rattlesnake

In the world of Alinsky-esque public relations, where up is declared to be down and east is presented as west, this one takes the cake: 636 more words

Barack Obama

Breitbart's John Sexton draws another connection between border crisis and DACA

Breitbart’s John Sexton has found more evidence that the Obama administration acknowledges a connection between the flood of unaccompanied alien children at the U.S.-Mexico border and President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 429 more words

US Politics

Breitbart: the worlds worst bit of reportage

Shit reporting

The IDF is resolved to avoid giving Hamas the “weapon” of an Israeli captive like Gilad Shalit, an IDF soldier kidnapped in 2006…

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Getting Organised

Obama pushes for 'immediate' cease-fire between Israel, Hamas

According to The Hill, even though the Jewish state is merely defending itself against repeated rocket fire launched from behind human shields, the pro-Palestinian President of the United States, Barack HUSSEIN  246 more words

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