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The Immorality of the Death Penalty

Many executed here / by the awful lawfully good – Morrissey in his song Mountjoy

I was astounded the other day when I was looking up Governor Perry’s death stats.  871 more words

Listen, Read, and Watch this Weekend

I thought about writing something about ten times today.  But nothing came.  Could it have been the fact that it was as hot as Africa out?   533 more words

The Quare Fellow

I am reading Brendan Behan’s play The Quare Fellow.  It takes place in the Irish Prison Mountjoy.  This play is where one of my favorite songs of all time originated, … 186 more words

Pity Our Enemies

I finally finished reading Borstal Boy. In the afterward Benedict Kiely writes about what made Behan so special. Kiely knew Behan and at the time was teaching… 189 more words

Brendan Behan on Religion

This passage was written by Irish writer Brendan Behan and it is from the book Borstal Boy. A borstal is a reform school for underage prisoners as an alternative to prison. 555 more words

The Danger of Too Much TV

I just read a quote the other day, and I believe it to be by Werner Herzog, that “Those that read gain the world, and those that watch TV lose it.”  ( 602 more words