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Stone and Steel and Green: Remembering Dublin's Great Writers

Dublin does a fine job of honouring her literary children, even the wayward ones who would have spat in her eye when they were alive. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll spot memorials all over the city. 775 more words

Dublin Writers Festival Blog

234. An Sean Triantán ♫

Gaeilge ag teacht roimh i bhfad

1. A hungry feeling came o’er me stealing
Ocras is gruaim, sleamhnaigh siad ionam

And the mice were squealing in my prison cell… 303 more words


The Auld Triangle

This song has at least two layers of meaning. It was made famous by the Dubliners and historically has been attributed to Brendan Behan. Behan himself was a prisoner at Mountjoy Jail in Dublin, which is situated on “the banks of the Royal Canal.” The jailers would get the attention of the prisoners through the “jingle-jangle” of an iron bar shaped into a triangle. 237 more words


More Thoughts on The Auld Triangle

I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, but I’m going to mention it again anyway: The song The Auld Triangle is one of my favorite songs of all time.  283 more words

Day 7 Of 40: Irish Writers And Why We Have Forgotten Them

“It’s Brendan Behan’s Anniversary today” I charily mumble to the office, the sound reverberating around the room and returned to me like an unwanted gift at Christmas. 959 more words


The "Grumpy" Poet - What's There to be Grumpy About on St. Patrick's Day? I Tell You!

First off, I’m not Irish! But I have respect for those who are like my partner and co-founder Brendan Tully “TheSaint” Walsh. Though my name is Brendan, and yes I’m named after an Irish man, more specifically the Irish poet… 270 more words

The Grumpy Poet

Brendan where have you Behan

“Ah bless you, Sister, may all your sons be bishops.”

Ah sure… Dublin’s getting all psyched up to celebrate Brian Boru’s victory at Clontarf a thousand years ago (and perpetuate the misconceptions about his legacy), and yet there’s hardly a mention of one of her most famous sons, Brendan Behan of 13 Russell Street in Dublin’s north inner city, passed away 50 years ago this month. 348 more words