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CW5- Brer Fox and the Beehive

I have a friend from North Carolina who is always getting frustrated with me for “talking like a northerner” when I’m technically from Texas.  The problem is I only visit Texas (or the US at all) every other year, so I’ve adopted the dialect of other Americans around me.   755 more words

Creative Writing

CW5 - A Brer Rabbit Tale: Stuck!

So the assignment this week was to write a Brer Rabbit story. This is definitely NOT my best piece of writing, at all, it’s very cliché and predictable, so feel free to pass it up. 656 more words

Creative Writing

Br'er Rabbit Relief Art Print

Br’er Rabbit Relief Art Print

           Br’er or Brer Rabbit is a central figure in Uncle Remus stories of the Southern United States that lives by his wits, besting authority figures and bending the rules whenever he wants. 74 more words


Incarnation and Cultural Engagement

When I wrote last month’s post on “pro-choice” evangelicals, some commenters on Facebook claimed I was arguing that Christians shouldn’t make moral choices but instead adopt an “anything goes” mentality to get along in pluralistic society. 1,361 more words