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Hadewijch (2009) - Bruno Dumont

A strong performance from its central actress Julie Sokolowski. I’m fascinated at the moment with films about the compulsion to religious belief, by directors who remain at some distance. 44 more words


Photography - “The Decisive Moment”

One of the most important yet eluding factor of any photograph is ‘the decisive moment’. This is a term that was first coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson who developed the style of street photography and who is also considered to be the father of photojournalism. 476 more words


Interim Synthesis (Final)

Interim Synthesis by Lindsey van der Linden

I am looking to explore the idea of taking photos within poverty and war torn zones in a different way, What is the real truth of life in these places? 798 more words


Ida's black-and-white world

I saw Ida five days ago. This is the Polish film by Pawel Pawlikowski about a novice nun faced with the choice of whether to take her vows or not. 190 more words


Godard and some life stuff too

Life definitely kicked up and threw my film obsession to the wayside. But I’m back.

I’ve decided to focus on classic cinema for a while, especially the European directors. 484 more words