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My little cousin didn’t wake up yesterday. According to my aunt, he died in his sleep. A 5yr old boy died in his sleep.

She woke up by him. 324 more words

The Dash of Life

I debated about using the accompanying photo for a photovotional. I know, it’s rather morbid. It represents the grief of a specific family in 1895 when they lost their child in the same year the child was born, perhaps even at birth. 363 more words

time is slipping away

Yesterday at the nursing home basically the same congregation was present and it was a rather lively group after the service. I visit afterward and a number gave me words which seemed to be from God to me. 215 more words

When I Got Mugged

July 18, 2004 — Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

My summer internship at a Baptist church in Brooklyn was nearing its end. This particular Sunday evening, I picked up the metro from the Park Slope area and rode down to Bath Beach to play piano for a small Spanish church. 978 more words


The Butterfly Effect

The white butterfly was sitting on the front walk as we went out for an evening picnic in the park. It was an unusually bright Wednesday. 1,236 more words