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AHB Blog: Kegging the Session Alt

It’s been about a month since the Fall Equinox, and the days are noticeably shorter. Although it’s still 80+F in Austin, I’m sure many readers are experiencing noticeably cooler weather as well. 536 more words

Apartment Brewing

How to brew the perfect cup of tea (and the fastest)

Every tea drinker needs to learn two ways to make tea: the right way and the fast way. I’d like to think I practice the first way more often, but let’s face it: When it comes to early mornings, I’m usually in a competition with the clock and running around my apartment like a madwoman.  546 more words

Chai Tea Chick

Peak craft and style rearing its ugly head

The other day Zak Avery posted this observation. In short, beer isn’t going to get better than it is now. To my mind that means both in quality and in the way it’s sold and both are intertwined. 780 more words


BR: Dear Old Mum, Alewerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA)

We interrupt this pumpkin beer fest to bring you an important message. Just cause you are in the midst of putting together your Halloween costumes, doesn’t mean you… 396 more words

Beer Reviews

BEER HAIKU #95 Young Henry's Hop Ale IPA

The Great Australian Beer Marooning of 2014 may have adversely impacted on this year’s Beervana but that apparent debacle (the Marooning; not Beervana) has had some positive consequence. 129 more words


BEER HAIKU # 94 Nail Brewing HUGhE Dunn Imperial Brown Ale

Anyone remember Jimmy Nail? Never mind; doesn’t matter. That Nail was a comedy Geordie in an 80s TV show. This Nail is a Perth-based brewer that recently won a prize for their/this Imperial Brown Ale in the Porter category of the Australian Cryer Malt Awards*. 130 more words


BEER HAIKU #93 Adroit Theory God Is An American Double IPA

The last time we encountered Adroit Theory they were being very Metal. The Thirsty Music Police are not persuaded that a reference to a mid-nineties Bowie single can be remotely construed as Metal. 124 more words