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The Hopslam hype: Are craft beer hits worth the hassle?

Last weekend, I ordered a pint of Bell’s Hopslam at the Grand Trunk Pub in Detroit and it was good. It was really good. In… 340 more words

Craft Beer

Yep, this is probably the hardest D.C. beer quiz ever

Reston Limo—a company that offers D.C. area brewery tours by charter bus—just put out an insanely hard quiz about the D.C. brewing scene. The  first five quiz-takers to get a perfect score win two tickets to the brewery tour of their choice.  103 more words

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Friday Favorite Things -- Seasonal Nature Notes

Pagans often talk about the four archetypal elements — Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  And they connect them to the four seasons — Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (as I equate it as a Nor’westerner.)  Pagans also often talk, in terms of magic, about how each element also encapsulates the other three.   666 more words

Paganism & Rationalism

KY Stout Vol. 2

KY Stout is a bourbon stout that has been my first annual specialty beer considering it takes about 9-10 months from start to finish. This years version was very different from last years which had a huge oak presents and a weak bourbon hints to it. 466 more words


Stewart's: Coconut Porter

Stewart Brewing was founded in Edinburgh as a local, independent micro-brewery 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart and was based on two very simple principles, to produce the highest quality ale and beers possible and to provide an exceptional service to its customers.  188 more words

The Flat Cap

The boys begin "Machete", the refreshing bitter

As a house, we frequently discuss various plans that may, or may not take place. So I was surprised to see that after exams, Adam and Ben had gone shopping for homebrew kit items and returned with £80 worth of equipment. 102 more words


The Beginning: 7/12/2014

Today you saw David and caught a glimpse of what was in stall for him… and it was exactly what you needed. He kissed you first and you both indulged in feeling each other one last time. 494 more words