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Jagger coverage shows how papers ignore the Editors’ Code when it suits them - Brian Cathcart

The Editors’ Code of Practice for journalists, which the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) is supposed to enforce, includes as Clause 5(1): ‘In cases involving personal grief or shock, enquiries and approaches must be made with sympathy and discretion and publication handled sensitively

Media Regulation

Appeasing dictators will not help press freedom - Brian Cathcart

The suggestion is occasionally made (see herehere  and here) that Britain should think again about its new Royal Charter on press self-regulation because foreign dictators or authoritarian governments have cited it, or may cite it, as a justification for censorship.

Leveson Inquiry

Hearing no evil: the IPSO panel covers its ears - Brian Cathcart

Having refused to meet Hacked Off, Sir Hayden Phillips, the man in charge of appointments to the big press groups’ planned son-of-PCC, now wants to opt out of email correspondence with Hacked Off and victims of press abuses.

Media Regulation