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changing focus.

Rather than start yet another new blog, I decided to move the herb stuff to my acupunctureintacoma.wordpress.com, and make this my everyday stuff blog.  I got a little tired of themed blogs and having to stick with that theme every time I wanted to write publicly. 258 more words

Jon Hassell news

Jon Hassell: visionary trumpet player, student of Pandit Pran Nath and Karlheinz Stockhausen…

A childhood in Memphis, a classical conservatory education, composition and electronic music study with Stockhausen in Cologne; a passage through the New York minimalist sphere with Terry Riley, Reich, Glass; having a window opened onto the world’s music and a new approach to the trumpet via vocal master Pandit Pran Nath; a questioning and deconstruction of the European dichotomy between classical and popular, sacred and sensual; a pioneer of digital transformation and sampling – all of this led to Fourth World – the unique blend which Jon has described as “worldly music” to underline a more subtle equation at work and to discourage the simplistic labeling of “world,” “jazz,” “classical,” “minimal,” or “ambient.” 246 more words

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Damon Albarn: Everyday robots

“Everyday Robots” is the upcoming Damon Albarn debut solo album and is supposed to be released on 28 April 2014. Blur’s frontman and vocalist and principal songwriter of the virtual band Gorillaz has released the first single, “Everyday Robots” on 3 March 2014 with a music video released on 20 January 2014. 80 more words

Music For Airports

It kinda sucks waiting around in airports and not having your headphones. It’s the perfect time for some music absorption. Especially for absorbing Brian Eno’s beloved ambient masterpiece.


ほやほや • Hallow - Pine Grove

From the confines of his New Hampshire home Pine Grove has delivered one of his best tracks yet. Hallow, a melancholy ambient track that turns hip-hop banger halfway through, as if its a two or three in one deal. 39 more words