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Divine Offense: Blasphemy and the New Noah Movie

I don’t normally talk about this subject very often, mostly because I know that many people tend to be sensitive when it comes to it.  But it’s something I want to address following the controversy around the new Noah movie. 1,755 more words

Dylan Nordberg

Why You Won't See a Review for 'Noah' Anytime Soon

                It has been an interesting road for me on whether I was going to pay to see this movie or not.  It came up on my radar a year or so ago when I heard the guy who made The Wrestler was going to take on the story of Noah.  924 more words


Ender's Game is Ludicrous

I just recently saw the movie “Ender’s Game.”  “What did you think of that movie?” my family asked.  I thought it was pretty ludicrous.  A couple of days after seeing the movie I ran across this review of it by Brian Godawa.   23 more words

Noah: A Psychotic Story No Matter What

I’ve been watching the ongoing saga of the promotion of the new Noah movie by Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain, Black Swan) with bemused fascinatation. 1,848 more words