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Air Scares

There is a new trend on Twitter that I’m really unhappy about. Pranksters, pretending to be ISIS members, are tweeting that there are bombs aboard certain flights. 173 more words


We have been following this break up closely.

Lil’ Wayne revealed to us about a month ago that Birdman has been holding on to Lil Wayne’s album ‘Carter V’ and also revealed that the relationship between the two of them hasn’t been the best. 102 more words

Entertainment News

Health news

I know that we Americans are a sick people, but seriously, folks, are we really that sickly?

I watched the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams… 247 more words


Jurassic World

‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ is a decidedly mixed episode. On the one hand it is extremely silly. Tricey plays fetch and gives rides. Rory’s dad carries odd things in his pockets. 332 more words

The Great Re-Watch

The Internet: Where everything is important

If Naomi Wolf’s vagina had its own website, it would read much like Salon — the homepage of progressive scolds who blog almost exclusively about phobias and “Girls.” Their dream headline would go something like this: “Why you should be concerned about Islamophobic critics of Lena Dunham.” 273 more words

Pop Culture

TV News Moves Beyond TV Set To Cover Obama's State of The Union

Tonight’s coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union address may serve to remind Americans anew they no longer need a TV set to experience this annual political event. 614 more words


The Social Media Binge and Purge

It’s a given that I will go on a diet in the January of every year of my life.

After a year of Social Media over-indulgence, however, I have decided to rein it all in. 580 more words

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