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oh, my God.

When I (Beth) was five years old, I asked my mom, “How do we know God is good? The Bible says He is, but He wrote the Bible. 952 more words


You'll always need another scapegoat

May 15: Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers kill two Palestinian teenagers, following a tense standoff during which protesters hurl rocks and soldiers respond with volleys of tear gas. 1,049 more words


A Farewell to Mars: Book Review

As you may know, Mars is the Roman god of war which makes this an interesting title for a book by a Christian pastor. On the other hand, interesting books deserve interesting titles and this is a quite amazing book. 405 more words

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A Farewell to Mars by Brian Zahnd (Review)

For me, as for many Christians in America, it has often been difficult to separate our commitments to Jesus and our patriotism as Americans.  I remember singing songs to the greatness of America at church around national holidays.   464 more words

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A Jesus I Don't Recognize (My Response To Brian Zahnd)

This past week, as I scrolled through my twitter feed, I came across this tweet from Brian Zahnd (Pastor at Word of Life Church in St. 1,441 more words

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Quantum Glory
Phil Mason

It Is Finished
Blaise Foret

Brian Zahnd

Between Noon and Three
Robert Farrar Capon

The Rest of the Gospel… 260 more words

Give Peace a Chance - Thoughts on Brian Zahnd's New Book

It is time for American Christians to stop supporting American war efforts and the spread of violence under the guise of world peace.

For far too long now we have lived under the lie that political peace can be achieved through power, force, and the security of “the worlds biggest military.” Instead, it is imperative that the church recognize our integral role in the promotion of peace around the world. 895 more words