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Zahnd V. Brown: Who's the Monster?

This past Saturday afternoon, The International House of Prayer hosted a debate between St. Joseph pastor and author Brian Zahnd and radio talk show host (The Line of Fire) and Fire School of Ministry president Michael Brown. 2,182 more words


Brian Zahnd's Response to a Sickening Islamaphobic post by Christian Leader

I’ve only recently begun investigating Brian Zahnd’s thought and writings and he is offering a different often refreshing voice on many things Christian or not. On Twitter over the past two days he has gone mental at the nature of a post placed upon the website of an organisation he has partnered with regarding Muslims in America and how the church should deal with them. 466 more words

Fearing Muslims?

Last Friday I began to see a link being passed around from an opinion piece on Charisma Magazine’s site. I didn’t have time to read it, but the reactions from it today are so strong, I went back to read it. 206 more words


Roger Olson, James White, and the Problem of Old Testament Ethics

So a couple days ago I posted a critique of a recent debate over Calvinism vs Arminianism: Old Debate, New Day: Calvinism.

I ended my critique by pointing out that one of the debaters from the Arminian side, Brian Zahnd, clearly denied the inerrancy of the Bible, and therefore read his view of Christ  140 more words



What Color is Your Church?

Sean Palmer nails race relations within the church. If you read one thing this week, make sure this is it. He writes, 611 more words


A few thoughts from August's #Calvinismdebate & Class

It was suggested to me that I watch the recent debate about Calvinism that happened last month between Brian Zahnd¬†(against), Austin Fisher (against), Timothy Paul Jones… 1,216 more words


Old Debate, New Day: Calvinism - My Thoughts

So recently, there was a debate between two Calvinists and two Arminians about the subject of predestination and God’s role in salvation.

The Calvinist debaters were Daniel Montgomery, pastor a Sojourn Church in KY, and Timothy Paul Jones, a professor at Southern Seminary. 1,243 more words