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Brick Walls

It’s been a while since I posted a quote, and I’ve had this one on my mind this week. Have you read The Last Lecture… 166 more words


Having an Attitude of Gratitude When Cynicism Is So Much Cooler

Smoking looks cool. I’m sorry, it does. In my fantasy life, after I’ve gunned down human traffickers without getting any blood on my sleek black trench coat and before I head off to  a gig with my Led Zeppelin cover band I lean up against my black Ducati…and light a cigarette. 955 more words

I Get All Zen And Yoga-y

Something to Ponder Next Time You Get Stuck in Your Family History

Yesterday my husband and I went to the Arizona State Fair. Each year one of their biggest attractions is the Native American Dancers that perform throughout the day. 574 more words


Bembry Blitz Pays Off: Thomas Bembry's Wife Now Has a Name!

Last week I visited the Daughters of the American Revolution genealogy library here in Washington, DC, and hit the motherlode.

My focus for the afternoon was to find all the Bembry references I could locate in the North Carolina counties that I knew were associated with the family.  859 more words



Dinning in Style

Colonial Beauty

Contemporary Life

Backyard Paradise

Relaxing Master Suite

Gourmet Kitchen

Whodunit? The case that fell into my lap (and almost didn't make it as a post)

I have debated about whether I would finally share this story or not. I guess you can tell that history has won this debate, as this just might help someone else in some way on their genealogical journey. 376 more words


A Long Process

Just to take a break from our huge road trip we took this summer I just wanted to give everybody an update on life, currently. 262 more words