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Girl in a Garden #2

The red brick walls
protective, high,
enclose, surround, embrace

sun warmed barrier
dressed with pear and plum trees
rose petals scent the lawn
syringa blossoms cloak the path… 15 more words


Brick Walls

When I graduated from college I had high hopes of entering ministry within a short period of time.  After hitting a few proverbial “brick walls” in the ministry endeavor, and with a need to begin saving up money to pay back my education, I took up a job in construction.   477 more words

Grandma is related to Robert E. Lee and other stories I've been told

Grandma’s second cousin was General Robert E. Lee, at least that’s what I was told as a child. How exciting! I wanted to know more so I did what every inquisitive person does, I researched. 267 more words


Busting down the brick walls!

If you are training to become a teacher and someone tells you there are no jobs, don’t listen. You do have to look for work, but eventually it comes to you. 350 more words


Mellow wood door, tweedy nubby brick wall ~

Squint your eyes and you might see … a nubby knit sweater … worn with a silk scarf?

Brick Walls

Brick By Brick

If you look at this picture you see a brick wall.  If you look closer, you’ll see another brick wall.   Do you see it?

How often do we put up walls… 29 more words

Life Chatter

George Booth

George Booth – results from a day of research. Sarah Vernon, a granddaughter of one of my Pye family, married George Booth in 1899 in Staffordshire.   424 more words