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Those Stupid Brick Walls....

So last night I decided to create a sort of a ”Millionaires Row” in my Springfield by way of creating a small sectioned off area for all of the mansions in the game. 122 more words


Maternity, True, September 2014

I did these photos for a friend who wanted Maternity photos, and used them as one of the portrait assignments for my photographing people class. I really like how the look of downtown Wilmington goes with her style.


Finding Fern, Researching Outside The Box

My grandfather Kenneth Chaffee, always carried in his wallet a photograph of a boy and girl. He would show it to me and tell me this was his brother Olney Sisley and his sister Pearl Chaffee. 669 more words


A Perfect Courthouse

I had a dream about the perfect courthouse for genealogical research. My perfect courthouse was not in a basement smelling of mold and mildew. It was not a room furnished with old wooden benches with splinters that dug into my legs and one old scarred wooden table that I couldn’t write on without piling up notebooks to give myself an even level on which to write. 357 more words


Girl in a Garden #2

The red brick walls
protective, high,
enclose, surround, embrace

sun warmed barrier
dressed with pear and plum trees
rose petals scent the lawn
syringa blossoms cloak the path… 15 more words


Brick Walls

When I graduated from college I had high hopes of entering ministry within a short period of time.  After hitting a few proverbial “brick walls” in the ministry endeavor, and with a need to begin saving up money to pay back my education, I took up a job in construction.   477 more words

Grandma is related to Robert E. Lee and other stories I've been told

Grandma’s second cousin was General Robert E. Lee, at least that’s what I was told as a child. How exciting! I wanted to know more so I did what every inquisitive person does, I researched. 267 more words