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Poetry Saturday - The Last Ever Moving Voices...

For this year

What a beautiful day, I like today.  Today the squirrels got a raise.  Boy do they deserve it.

On this table is a poinsettia, the money that will be turned into a ticket for a train that will take us to a wedding, two pens, two notepads, that one of our roving writers uses to take down notes, the selected poems of Dylan Thomas, and two ghosts in a tight embrace, one is blue and one is white, one has a mouth and eyes, and one has eyes with no mouth, one is full of pepper and one is full of salt. 2,892 more words


A Small Bit of D.C.'s Chinatown

This morning I had a lovely brunch with a dear friend, during which we caught up on each other’s goings on. My friend is an amazing photographer, so I apologized for the influx of pitiful photos I’ve posted lately, showing the places I visited and the things I saw on my vacation. 87 more words

Animated LEGO Ninja's Dueling It Out

Another cool creation from LEGO builder Ian Spacek, his LEGO Zoetrope Ninja Duel.  But first, let’s define what is a Zoetrope.  According to Dictionary.com – Zoetrope is “ 56 more words


The LEGO CLUE Gameboard

If you don’t want to buy a classic boardgame like CLUE, then why not build your very own with LEGO bricks?  This is what LEGO builder Ian Spacek has done with this. 27 more words