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Russian Citizens Pull $5 Billion From Banks In September As Currency Plunges

Russian citizens have pulled a total of 52.6 billion rubles ($1.3 billion) from ruble deposit accounts from banks in September as the Russian currency plunged alongside oil prices amid Western sanctions over the crisis in the Ukraine, Russia’s business daily Vedomosti reported on Tuesday, citing data from Russia’s Central Bank. 169 more words

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Crude Oil: A Problem For Putin’s Russia (Infographic)

By ValueWalk

Some countries benefit from having oil as a cheaper input, but Russia is not one of them. Russia is the second largest exporter of oil selling 7.2 million bpd in global markets, which equates to about 45% of Russia’s budget revenues. 33 more words

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The Human and Inhuman Response to Ebola's Menace

The responses, including by nations, to the escalating outbreak of the devastating Ebola Virus Disease in Africa, can be sharply divided between the human — expressing solidarity and scientific commitment in the face of this existential threat — and the inhuman, seeking to deny it and lull people into a state in which they will be killed by it. 421 more words

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Neck & neck Brazil presidential race casts doubts on Mercosur, BRICS

Mauricio Saverese – RT, 10/21/2014

About a year ago everyone expected an easy ride for President Dilma Rousseff in her reelection campaign. Now, in the final week of Brazil’s election season, she is technically tied with opposition’s Aécio Neves. 173 more words

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China Needs To Accelerate Reforms To Drive Economic Growth, World Bank Chief Urges

China will need to accelerate reforms and not rely solely on monetary and fiscal policy to drive economic growth, the World Bank’s Managing Director Sri Mulyani Indrawati told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday, Reuters reports. 255 more words

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Why A Shrinking Russian Workforce Might Let Putin Off Easy

By Mark Adomanis

Russia’s economy is a mess right now: inflation is above target and rising, capital flight shows no signs of slowing down, consensus projections on full-year economic growth have been repeatedly lowered towards zero, major state-owned companies have been frozen out of Western capital markets, and the ruble has fallen to its lowest… 909 more words

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Brazil’s Institutional Limbo

By Camila Villard Duran

International investors are watching closely as Brazilians prepare to vote in the second round of the presidential election on October 26. Their vote will not only decide who will be the country’s next president; it may also determine the future of the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), and therefore the country’s macroeconomic trajectory. 212 more words

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