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Friday Webcast 19 December 2014

Lyndon LaRouche has warned that the British will stop at nothing to crush the emergence of a new economic order exemplified by the BRICS today. Why are they so desperate? 115 more words

Lyndon Larouche


Single European Mechanism (SRM) will be launched over the next three months

The Single European Mechanism (SRM) will be launched over the next three months, with the aim of rescuing or winding up stricken banks with minimal recourse to taxpayers’ money. 368 more words

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European idea copied form our FED of to big to fail, which really means we (the politicians) can't lose those campaign contributions they are just to big to lose!

US isolated, BRICS to get greater voting power at IMF

Source: The BRICS Post

Months after the formation of new financial institutions like the $100 billion BRICS Bank and the China-led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank… 352 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

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More loss of US status and the power shift to Asia!

China surpasses America as the biggest economy. What next?

The rise of China as a global power over the last 30 years has led to much speculation about what this meant for the existing global order. 905 more words


Crise nos emergentes terá os seus PIIGS?

2014 ficará marcado como o ano em que a crise financeira global finalmente se instalou nos países emergentes, que estão entrando num período prolongado de crescimento baixo. 1,177 more words


China's building a new Silk Road to Europe, and it's leaving America behind

Pepe Escobar writes for Tom Dispatch:

‘[…] The Yiwu-Madrid route across Eurasia represents the beginning of a set of game-changing developments. It will be an efficient logistics channel of incredible length. 300 more words


Free Fall of the Ruble – A brilliant ploy of Russian economic Wizards? Who’s chess game?

by Peter Koenig

The world is still hell-bent for hydrocarbon-based energy. Russia is the world’s largest producer of energy. Russia has recently announced that in the future she will no longer trade energy in US dollars, but in rubles and currencies of the trading partners. 1,170 more words