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From sketch to dress...

Okay, so we’ll skim over the fact that the wedding invite arrived in January…  An entire 7 months laid before me in which to design and create a special dress for my Nephew’s wedding and I promised myself that I was not going to leave it Until The Last Minute. 215 more words


The Joys & Pains of Planning a Wedding - Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

So, I’m a wedding photographer who is also planning a wedding!!  That has put me in a very interesting place of learning.  Although perhaps unconventional, I’d love to share some personal insight on my process and welcome you guys sharing some of your experiences with  me! 579 more words


Gray Guipure Dress - Construction; part 2

After the detailed construction process, I thought that finishing would be easy.  I was, needless to say, wrong.

5. Finishing the edges

The edges were easy enough after I decided where to go with the design.   369 more words

Bridesmaid's Dress

Bridesmaid's dress

I was recently a bridesmaid at my friend’s lovely wedding. My friend’s mum made me and the other three bridesmaids our dresses. As you can see in the photos above, the dress is a beautiful turquoise colour. 97 more words


Gray Guipure Dress - Construction; part 1

The Bargainista Fashionista contest on Pattern Review got me motivated to start sewing this dress way back in April.  I woefully underestimated the time that it would take.   346 more words

Bridesmaid's Dress

Gray Guipure Dress - Some Thoughts on Fitting; part 4

After approximately 9 muslins, I finally got something that I could live with.  Here’s the wearable muslin:

I drafted a half circle skirt to attach to the bodice.


Gray Guipure Dress - Some Thoughts on Fitting; part 3

When I pick the pattern size based on my measurements, grade between the sizes, and adjust some fit issues (full bust adjustment, forward shoulder), this is what it looks like. 58 more words

Bridesmaid's Dress