Lassy Fair

I’ve been cutting beans on the last farm I have beans growing on. But it’s not the last field on that farm. I’m cutting on the thirty five acre field across the creek. 435 more words

The Nerka Family

I love meeting new people.  Especially when they are as friendly as this family.

I also love taking pictures in new places.  Don’t get me wrong a good woodsy scene is by far my favorite, but sometimes it is fun to change it up. 93 more words


Clifton Suspension Bridge

Actually stayed in Bristol for the weekend and got to check out the amazing Clifton Suspension Bridge. Such beautiful views and looking down from the middle of it certainly unsettled me! 40 more words


Perfect Pull Weightlifting Workouts 10.21.14

Power Snatch: 44×4, 48×4, 52x4x3
Power Clean & Power Jerk: 52×2+2, 56×2+2, 60×2+2×3
Snatch Grip Bent Row: 47x3x4
Push Press: 56×3, 60×3, 65x3x2

Andrea… 26 more words


Lost in Venice - Part 1

One of the best things you can do in Venice is to get lost. Now that doesn’t mean getting lost trying to find your accommodation after you just arrived on a late flight. 156 more words