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Angela Leach - Another Round

Angela Leach’s new series “Another Round” is a modern take yet psychedelic blast from the past referencing 1960’s Opt art such as artist Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. 142 more words

Fine Art Conversations

Clarifying the Contextual Role of Abstract Art

My art took an abstracted form for several reason.

The first was an interest and relevence for graphic design philosophy and aesthetics. I opted for a graphic design-influenced visual style as this fit with my reaction and interpretation of the information uncovered, which was a sense of positivity, progressiveness, vibrancy and optimism. 501 more words

Colour Specimens

Research point optical effects

Optical effects have been exploited by many artists to create movement and depict the effects of light. The Impressionists, post Impressionists and Neo-Impressionists-in particular the pointillists Signac and Seurat made full use of the new understanding of the nature of human perception. 2,262 more words

Vincent Van Gogh

Bridget Riley: The Stripe Paintings 1961-2014 at David Zwirner Gallery

After the National Gallery showing some of her recent works alongside old masters paintings in the Sunley Room in 2010-11, another exhibition last year at Karsten Shubert gallery presenting some black and white geometrical drawings from the sixties, Bridget Riley is back in London this year with a three floor exhibition at David Zwirner gallery. 563 more words

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