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What do you see when you look at the end of a Toblerone chocolate wrapper? If you guessed a mountain then you are correct. This is the Matterhorn, a famous mountain in Switzerland which reaches a height of 4,478m. 833 more words

Beyond The Dot

PROJECT 52 – Week 51



Taj brijeg na kojem često miruje moj pogled
dok sjedim sam u sobi! Pust je: tu ne raste ništa
Tek kamenje se golo plavi. 81 more words


The General's Bridge, Blantyre

The General’s Bridge (of General’s Brig) is situated just outside High Blantyre , beyond Greenhall, on the Stoneymeadow Road, before the entrance to Crossbasket House. It spans over the Rotten Calder river. 249 more words


Venice Day 1 - Floating City

You’ve got to do Venice before time runs out. Apparently the city on water is sinking five times faster than previously thought. We’re probably talking thousands of years, you never know. 466 more words