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Sunrise Goddess

I see You in the early hours of the morning when I wake up before my alarm

Or when I roll over and hit the snooze button one too many times… 346 more words


Ask Bri: Creativity, organization, weird requests & more!

I’ve been meaning to actually write here on the blog more often, but I’ve just been so busy with our relocation-related endeavors and jewelry ┬áthat it’s harder and harder to focus my ADD-riddled brain these days. 1,201 more words

Baubles & Blessings

The Devotional Lifestyle: The Tension Between Ancient and Modern

I am a devotional polytheist; I believe in many gods but currently am devoted only to Brighid. While I most often refer to Her with Her Irish name, I believe that the core of Her may be found throughout the ancient Celtic world. 805 more words


The Devotional Lifestyle: Choosing My Beloved

As my devotional work with Brighid deepens and I continue helping Clann Bhride grow and (one hopes) prosper, I’ve been thinking more of what it means to live a devotional lifestyle. 847 more words