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Day #2: Cove Harbour

I was happy this morning as soon as I woke up – I opened my curtains and I could see the sea! I wasn’t expecting it at all due to the fog and mist that was around yesterday, so this was a very pleasant surprise and immediately put me in a good mood. 315 more words

Let's paint the picture..

Well I’ve decided that I quite like writing a blog.. But my last one focused on upsetting things. Therefore I wanted to create an entirely separate blog for all of the happy things that I experience as I’m pootling through life and that I want to share with the world! 1,165 more words

Some Like It Hot

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”  Russell Baker

Hot enough for you?  Surprising as it may be to my more equatorially situated friends, summers in Canada can get pretty toasty.  1,069 more words

Intentional Living

Sleep? What is this that?

This happens to me every summer.

Every. Single. Summer.

It’s 8:30am and I haven’t gone to bed yet. Every night I stay up till late morning, pass out before 10am and sleep for a few hours. 37 more words


What Do You See?

Hello Travelers!

I hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful week so far! Sorry for the delay in posting. I’d been having some trouble communicating, but with some crystal therapy and meditation I feel great. 941 more words

Just beautiful! My 5 tips for looking at the bright side of life.

Have you ever felt that a sunset is just incredibly beautiful? Or that the mountains have some certain colours that look like an artist’s masterpiece? Or have the white clouds on a perfectly blue sky taken your breath away? 486 more words

Knowing Your Personality Type

Are you more of a Type A, Type B, Type AB or type O personality? (Also, Type A, B , C or D personality and more of it.) … 1,150 more words

Blood Type