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Your eyes are just fine…keep looking on the bright side and be happy!


Fiction: Jaded (139 words)

The best thing about her was her determination to never lose her wonder.  She never wanted to be jaded, to be numbed to the fantastical things in life.  115 more words


Write a positivity reminder

This is a photo of my laptop screen. Although you can’t see much of it, the background photo is from the Eastern ridge overlooking Hanalei Bay, Kauai.   389 more words


The Stars

There are so many more good memories than there are bad ones.

If you had told me that nine months ago, I would have rolled my eyes; but it’s true. 325 more words


Always a Bright Side.

If I had started this blog in the past, I could almost guarantee you that every post would have some sort of negative spin to it. 618 more words


The Job Hunt: The Fresh Faces

So after running around and being strung around for about a week, I showed up for a job interview at a hotel.

When I got dressed, I just wore my nicest jeans a simple black shirt and a cardigan. 475 more words

Growing Up

Decision: Pillow by Knitscene

I got my swatch in the mail yesterday—nine weeks after the submission deadline.

With all the deadlines for various publications coming up around the same time, I do wish they would send rejections by email, or at least adhere to their guidelines and return swatches for rejected items in four to six weeks so I can submit them elsewhere. 73 more words