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How to Look on the Bright Side: Things to do if you're lonely/bored/down...

When I first moved here (4 months ago), I had just finished university and was used to having friends around me all of the time, and had loads of commitments. 614 more words

Bright Side

How to Look on the Bright Side: Find the Funny

Last week, I did a week of work experience with a large property company in London.

Before this week, this seemed glamorous. I thought that I would like working in London, I thought I would like to wear a suit and to buy something very expensive (yet very small) and wrapped in brown paper for lunch everyday. 688 more words

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How to Look on the Bright Side: Stop Comparing!

Well, this is my first blog post. Welcome.

I have decided to set up a blog because at the moment, I have very little to do (here’s hoping my lecturers never get their hands on this).   469 more words

Bright Side


Happiness seems to be radiating through my body lately.

Though I realize that it may not last forever, or even for a prolonged amount of time, it still warms my smile every day, and makes the grey roses bloom as red in the crevasses of my mind. 171 more words



Spring Semester of 2015: “What classes ape you taking this semester?” “Are you still here? I thought you went off for college.” “What happened?”

I’m supposed to be on my own right now. 172 more words


Livin' the dream.

A lot of friends read my first post and told me they really enjoyed it. Thank you for the encouragement to keep writing!

This morning, (well, yesterday morning, because I am writing this past midnight… it’s not unusual for me to be up so late) I had what a lot of people would consider a bad morning. 742 more words

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Decision: Sweater by Knitscene

Way back in October I submitted a sweater to Knitscene Fall 2015 for their Style Icons story.

On Saturday, my one and only piece of mail was the swatch. 167 more words