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What's next?

2015 is fast becoming a year of firsts! II’ll be running my first marathon (Brighton Marathon) in April. I’ll also be doing my first triathlon (Windsor) next June! 477 more words


Marathon Training Diary - Week 4

I’m feeling a little conscious that I hadn’t blogged for ages, and now that I’m back to blogging weekly its in the form of this tedious training diary. 902 more words


Marathon Training Diary - Week 3

After last weeks continued success I was feeling pretty buoyed. I’m still enjoying the pace work and I can feel it making a difference. I was initially concerned too about whether I’d be able (physically and emotionally) to handle 6 days of running a week. 1,053 more words


Marathon training - Week 2

Last week went really well and finishing it with a surprise half-marathon was a real bonus which gave me real confidence that  I haven’t lost too much speed over the last year. 904 more words


First week Marathon training

It has been a cracking running week for me. The switch down to shorter distances and faster pace has been a revelation and its really reinvigorated my love for running. 660 more words


Getting my mojo back

I have, of late, neglected this blog. This is, in reality, because I had little to write. I originally began runguttersrun as a training diary and a motivation to keep going with my training, and that certainly worked for me – I’ve done some amazing things in the last couple of years that I’m very proud of. 750 more words


Stepping Up And Making Plans

Ever since I started running last year, my goal has been to run a marathon. However, not wanting to rush things, I thought it best to build up slowly, starting with some 5K and 10K races this year and a couple of half-marathons next year, before doing the Brighton Marathon in 2016. 332 more words