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Marathon Training Diary - Week 7

I’d begun to get a little worried that I’m stagnating. Its been 7 weeks now and although I’ve made really good progress I’ve definitely plateaued. Now whilst I expected that I couldn’t just keep getting faster I am making very little progress while at the same time finding the training getting toughwe if anything. 944 more words


Marathon Training Diary - Week 6

And its been another funny old week with more than its fair share of highs and lows. This is becoming something of a theme…

After Last Sundays forced break due to illness I was really just hoping I would be well enough to run this week. 449 more words


#WorldAIDSDay: This is what #HIV looks like

Staying positive: Hunter Charlton an early diagnosis has meant that his condition can be monitored.

When Hunter Charlton was diagnosed with the virus aged 20, he was overcome with grief, believing he would be dead within 10 years.

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Marathon Training Diary - Week 5

Its been a funny old week of highs and lows, though on reflection the high was very high and the low wasn’t all that low, so I can’t really complain! 942 more words


What's next?

2015 is fast becoming a year of firsts! II’ll be running my first marathon (Brighton Marathon) in April. I’ll also be doing my first triathlon (Windsor) next June! 477 more words


Marathon Training Diary - Week 4

I’m feeling a little conscious that I hadn’t blogged for ages, and now that I’m back to blogging weekly its in the form of this tedious training diary. 902 more words


Marathon Training Diary - Week 3

After last weeks continued success I was feeling pretty buoyed. I’m still enjoying the pace work and I can feel it making a difference. I was initially concerned too about whether I’d be able (physically and emotionally) to handle 6 days of running a week. 1,053 more words