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The minutes of magic on the 27 bus.

On the 27 bus from Brighton to Saltdean at 4 p.m.


As I tried to capture the magical sunset though the window, the lady next to me offered to change places. 72 more words

Brighton - Out And About

No Hippos in Hove

Just mud, mud glorious mud, well all over our allotment on the Weald. That’s why I was reminded of that glorious song about mud and hippopotamuses by Flanders and Swan, recorded at the Fortune Theatre, London, 2 May 1959. 187 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Winter blues yuk! Send in the good fairy please.

There was an article in the paper about SAD today.   One sufferer always put on weight with winter blues because she stuffs herself with comfort food. 472 more words


Rudyard Kipling, Batemans and Remembrance Sunday

Loved the programme about Rudyard Kipling today with a walk around Bateman’s . I blogged Bateman’s  twice a few months ago because I was so impressed by it all and and have recently been back again.  244 more words

Brighton - Out And About

It is like an art exhibition, this wonderful walk!

Colour, shape, texture here at Sheffield Park.  I went on the spur of the moment, determined not to let shorter hours of daylight get me down.   266 more words

Brighton - Out And About

A remedy for colds and flu - Jewish mother's chicken soup

Some say it was first popular in Russia as chicken was their main food source.  However according to the net chicken soup is still served as part of a Shabbat meal in most Jewish homes, at festivals and weddings and as a general cold weather pick-me-up. 521 more words

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