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Body Measure Dexa Scanner eplained on Channel Seven's "Bringing Sexy Back"

Bringing Sexy Back has broken the mould on the misinformed belief that weight loss is the key to health. The reality is that fat loss, not weight loss is the best measure of a person’s health improvement. 460 more words

Dexa Scan

One Viewing Of The Trailer Is All It Took

Have a look for yourself, if you like. Maybe it has merits I can’t perceive…I’ll admit that I’m quite busily casting the first stone here. 112 more words


Sam Armytage Is Bringing Sexy Back

Hosted by Samantha Armytage, Bringing Sexy Back encourages participants to live a balanced, healthy life.

“Bringing Sexy Back offers Australians the chance to reinvent themselves,” says Samantha. 295 more words


Miss Antsy Pants

Haven’t written in a while. Mostly because a whole lot of nothing has been going on. We did have our Genetics Counsellor appointment last Tuesday. Nothing overly exciting to report. 737 more words

Bringing Sexy Back

Gratitude 14July14 Bringing My Sexy Back

For reason’s that would take much more than a 400 word blog, several years ago, I chose to step away from intimate relationships. Suffice it to say my track record of choosing partners who treated me well was lacking. 425 more words


Bringing Sexy Back

Has your relationship lost its sexy? Maybe it hasn’t. Wondering what you can do to keep it sexy? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions or if you’re just curious, then I have the show for you. 133 more words

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I’m really happy about how quickly the blood test results got back to me. Not so happy about the actual results. Turns out my prolactin and tsh levels were a problem and they wanted me to go back this morning to get more blood. 134 more words

Bringing Sexy Back