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Tarte briochée

Make this. At least once, if not regularly. Your house will smell heavenly and your household—if not too curmudgeonly in the morning—might look to you with some gratitude.  389 more words

Introduction to viennoiserie

Technically I’ve spent the past two weekends away in Tasmania on holidays which explains my lack of posts.

But you could say that I’ve actually been cowering in a corner dreading this next part of my curriculum – viennoiserie. 181 more words


Le Parfait Pain Perdu

This is a non-GF recipe post.

Or on less fancier terms, ‘The Perfect (French) Toast’ :)

This was inspired by day(s)-old brioche that my housemate has and… 458 more words


Beast Of A Burger

Last week I talked about how the “death” of Tria in University City gave birth to The Fat Ham. In the same vein, another of my previously reviewed spots that has since closed, 315 more words


Retour en enfance: un chinois

Lorsque j’étais plus jeune, la première place sur le podium de mon goûter préféré était indiscutablement le « chinois ». Vous savez cette brioche moelleuse, avec de la crème pâtissière à l’intérieur et un glaçage au sucre blanc ? 668 more words

Recipe: Brioche Burger Buns

Once upon a time, a burger in a brioche bun was a novelty that only existed in a handful of places in London.  We all marvelled and wondered why we hadn’t thought of it before.  498 more words

Peckhamburger's Beef Burger with Bacon and Cheese

Last week, I wrote my burger wishlist for 2014-15.  It seems that you can’t swing a cat in London without hitting somewhere advertising its creation with ‘medium rare patty, brioche bun and house sauce/filthy sauce/dirty sauce’ (delete as appropriate) unless, it seems, you live in my particular corner of south-east London.  481 more words