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Super £20 Whole Lobster @ Burger & Lobster on 26Aug2014

burger & lobster seems to be the the “go to” place in london. wife, son & daughter had all been there several times. and many friends too. 297 more words

Buon Appetito!

- Brioche au Lait Battu -

Yeaaaah! C’est la rentrée!! Bon, je n’ai pas encore d’enfants pour pouvoir me réjouir de ce plaisir-là, mais par contre moi aussi j’ai ma propre rentrée. 552 more words

Les Mésaventures

The Frenchie's Duck Confit Burger

I had heard whisperings on Twitter about this duck confit burger for some time, and therefore have had confit duck and brioche on the brain.  When my brother came to visit last weekend and expressed a wish for good street food, I knew this was my chance to try it.  418 more words

Resolution Recipe 6: Chocolate Chip Brioche Pretzels

I am not going to lie…this recipe killed me in so many ways. I earn my novice status with many recipes but my badge should be gold after making these. 1,346 more words

My Cooking Diaries

Light Brioche Burger Buns

I have been eating the most delicous array of Asian fare ever since I’ve arrived in Singapore.  It really is a foodie’s dream.  And now that I’ve overcome my aversion to eating in shopping malls…if you can’t beat them join them and all that…I keep finding more and more gems. 633 more words


Joe's Crab Shack - Kissimmee, FL

The word of the day is Kissimmee! The bright Florida sunshine, quaint tourist and novelty shops, the beautifully
designed larger retail spots, this town has put a lot of thought into their architecture – I almost didn’t recognize the local Coldstone! 224 more words


Ice Cream Sandwich Roundup, Updated

Last summer I posted a comprehensive roundup of the best made-to-order ice cream sandwich in NYC, and there were plenty of formidable contenders. This season brings a few new examples that up the ice cream sandwich ante. 567 more words

New York City