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Obama protects Alaska’s Bristol Bay from oil & gas drilling!

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5 Things You Need to Know About Alaska’s Bristol Bay @White House

3: Bristol Bay provides important habitat for many species, including the threatened Stellar’s eider, sea otters, seals, walruses, Beluga and Killer whales, and the endangered North Pacific Right Whale.

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Obama Protects Bristol Bay

So, if a white trash governor names her stupid white trash child after it, both of whom have done jack shit to help anyone in their lives, he’ll protect it, but if it’s a forest for native Americans in Arizona, he’ll let Congress (in a DEFENSE BILL) sell it to Rio Tinto. 27 more words

Power: Obama blockades Oil and Gas development from Bristol Bay

Obama protects Alaska’s Bristol Bay from oil and gas drilling

Source: LA Times: by Maria L. La Ganga, 12/2014

Obama says Alaska’s Bristol Bay is a natural wonder and will not be put out to the highest gas and oil bidder… 349 more words


Obama Bars Oil And Gas Development In Alaska's Bristol Bay

WASHINGTON –- President Barack Obama announced new protections on Tuesday for Alaska’s Bristol Bay, barring oil and gas development in the region.

Obama said in a video Tuesday… 270 more words


Obama Has Taken Alaska's Bristol Bay Off the Market for Drilling

President Barack Obama on Tuesday listed Alaska’s Bristol Bay as a no-go zone for oil and gas drilling, promising to protect the coastal area’s booming fisheries, as well as preserve a linchpin of Native American heritage. 77 more words

Obama Withdraws Alaska's Bristol Bay From Drilling

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — President Barack Obama announced Tuesday that he’s removing more than 52,000 square miles of waters off Alaska’s coast from consideration for oil and gas exploration or drilling. 505 more words