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Bristolnacht, cont. #PalinBrawl

Alaska’s part-time-governor and full-time grifter Sarah Palin has taken to the might pages of her MyFace Place and acknowledged, sort of, the fight in Alaskastan: 239 more words


Sarah Palin defends family after Bristol punches host in face

Sarah Palin is one proud and perpetually retarded mama bear. The former Governor of Alaska,  is praising her offspring for standing up for family at a recent and very public trailer trash brawl.   152 more words

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Sarah Palin Got Me Fired! Eyewitness To Wasilla Brawl Says He Was Canned For Speaking Out About Fight Involving Politician’s Family -- Plus Bristol’s Fists Of Fury

Sarah Palin has pulled back from national politics, but is she still powerful enough to get someone fired? Alaskan native Eric Thompson tells RadarOnline.com he was abruptly fired from his job after speaking out about a brawl he witnessed involving… 695 more words


This twisted hater spewed filth, death wishes after Sadie Robertson rocked it on DWTS [photos]

Haters gotta hate, yo. As per usual.

“Duck Dynasty” daughter Sadie Robertson appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” Monday. And rocked it big time. 475 more words

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Don't you know who I am?

….screeched Sarah Palin as the drunken Palin clan (all but Tripp) got into an ugly, face-punching melee at a private birthday party in Anchorage. I eagerly await the video that, once the price is right, will surely turn up on some cheesy celebrity site. 29 more words

See, What Happened Was...

Here’s what’s happening, folks. Since I switched my blog over to another address, I migrated the followers from here to there. I’m not 100% how it’ll come out in the end but I had to let you know that. 31 more words