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Statement necklace making abortion fashionable?

Controversy has surrounded the D.C Abortion Fund organisation, as it has been announced that all donors of the fund receive a ‘thank you’ gift in the form of a coat hanger necklace. 465 more words


What a Week ... I'm Glad It Is Over

I feel like I could be a walking poster child for Cymbalta¬†or Abilify … you know, the one where the voice over asks, “Who does Depression hurt?” … 1,292 more words


Let's Refuse to Serve Filthy Fornicators . . . Maybe One Day Even Jail Them

You thought seeing Russia from Alaska was Sarah Palin’s only superpower? Au contra ire. She can undoubtedly see Uganda from Arizona these days: the Christlike promise of imprisoning LGBTQ people, ’cause Jesus was all about marginalizing, demonizing, and exiling the “sinner”. 99 more words

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Bristol Makes Me Bristle

I am sorry: what sort of hard work has Bristol Palin done again which has provided the means by which she cares for her child, a child born out of wedlock in direct contravention of hard-line Christian dogma? 301 more words

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