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Martin Amis: "[Britain] is a successful post-racialist society," America is not

The Independent reported author Martin Amis‘s thoughts on whether he would move from his NYC home back to Britain.

“Coming from America – and depending on the economic level of where you happen to be – the multiracial aspect is a great triumph, I think.”

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Pressure Grows On South Yorkshire Commissioner

South Yorkshire’s Police Crime Commissioner is under growing pressure to stand down from his role. The pressure is growing on Shaun Wright the South Yorkshire PCC as a Labour Party front bencher said that the party will suspend Wright if he doesn’t stand down by the morning. 303 more words


Huh? Who Said Hello Kitty Was A Cat, Anyway?

Ermagawwwwwd! Yeesh, it MUST be a slow news day, as the internet has come up with some more fake outrage over a nonsense subject no one needs to read about*. 272 more words


WEBTASTIC: Woman Spends $150,000 To Look Like a Caricature! WHAT?! (VIDEO)

I am going to preface this to the kids with DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO DO THIS. This woman fell of her rocker a LONG time ago and there is no picking her back up. 259 more words


Scandal in the Strand

Re the last post but oneJacob Epstein’s sculptures were not anything like the ill-defined “pre-Romanesque” sculpture to which Toynbee alludes, but Toynbee’s phrase “clumsy stiffness” is as likely to have been a memory of Epstein’s 1908 figures for the façade of the new British Medical Association building in the Strand, now Zimbabwe House, as of anything else.

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Going Home: Another Trip Across The Atlantic

Sitting here at Starbucks sipping on my light roast coffee and polishing off a bagel with cream cheese I’ve been reflecting on my life. I’m taking a break from packing, sorting, mailing, and cleaning in preparation for a final trip across the Atlantic back home to my beloved Britain. 519 more words