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“What you see is what you get
You’ve made your bed, you’d better lie in it
You choose your leaders and place your trust
As their lies wash you down and their promises rust…
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Bruiser Brown saves the Union – and Scots from ‘go-it-alone’ suicide

SO you think it’s all over – Squire Cameron is magnanimous in victory, Braveheart Salmond gracious in defeat, after a 10% majority of Scots had the nous to vote ‘No’ and ensure Scotland stayed British. 1,049 more words


The Triumph of Common Sense

Finally, after a long wait, the Scottish said No to independence. For the common history, for the common victories and the common defeats, for the great Scottish writers and thinkers that made British culture truly great. 27 more words


United, food memories and spying

A ‘no’ vote for Scottish independence! I’m so relieved.
A chicken and garlic bread dinner, reminding me of Thursday night dinners at home.
Spying on the guy our flatmate has been seeing as he tried to work out which house was ours.

Nafeez Ahmed - Zero Point

I’m giving investigative journalist and international security scholar Nafeez Ahmed the floor today to help promote his new SF thriller from Curiosity Quills Press, … 1,092 more words

Dear Scotland... I'm glad you stayed

Dear Scotland,

I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t ready to write a letter to France today. If you’d said yes to independence I would be talking to them right now – complementing their croissants and asking if they would fill the big hole in the United Kingdom.

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Actually, No! said Scotland to whether or not the region should be independent.

In the days prior to September 18, 2014 I did not comment on the Scottish Referendum. 236 more words