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180th Anniversary of "The Great Day"

At midnight on August 1, 1834 – one hundred and eighty years ago today – Great Britain formally ended slavery in its Caribbean colonial possessions.  It was the end result of seven decades of work on the part of British abolitionists to end the institution, and the acme of… 346 more words


1/8/1914 Britain makes Germany an astonishing offer

In the morning, German ambassador Lichnowsky meets with William Tyrrell, Grey’s private secretary. Tyrrell suggests that if Germany did not attack France then Britain would not just remain neutral, it would also guarantee French neutrality. 142 more words


Why are the events in the Middle East fueling antisemitism?

A discussion from The Spectator about Melanie Phillips latest blog, ” Antisemitism is rising again in Britain, these are the words that could stop it.” 224 more words


The History of America in Less than 100 Posts: The Birth of Culture

America, a country born from independence and known for liberty, generosity and freedom. The land of opportunity, to live the American dream. Where all men are created equal, and everyone is given a chance. 2,694 more words



If you look for a place to let your soul/spirits flow … come here.


Lucy's Diary (01/08/14)

The weather wasn’t brilliant today but that does not stop us Brits! armed with a black water proof jacket (seriously the best £9.00 spent at Primark EVER) and a huge golfing umbrella me and the husband braved it and visited Haddon Hall. 217 more words