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Coworth: posh in the countryside

Some place are truly “nice” with that amazing posh atmosphere, but where it also feels simple. I have been to Coworth Park recently, and it feels like that. 454 more words


The Quirks of Christ Church, Oxford

“None but the most blindly credulous will imaging the characters and events in this story to be anything but fictitious. It is true that the ancient and noble city of Oxford is, of all the towns of England, the likeliest progenitor of unlikely events and persons. 350 more words


Great Britain vs USA Men's Basketball July 19 2012 Full HD Full Game

USA Basketball Men’s National Team Battles Great Britain For 118-78 Win – With Four 3-pointers In The Third, 19 Points Overall, Deron Williams Earns Tiffany … 19 more words

The Truth Behind those Smiles and Gritted Teeth

When we look at elite athletes we always think they are models for a healthy life. Yet behind those gritted teeth and winning smiles lurks the truth. 316 more words


A Mid-Autumn Day in Canterbury

Today, October 29th, 2014, was a day well spent down in the historic city center of Canterbury. 140 more words

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