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bit more Aurora...

The night sky is disappearing fast. Yesterday was the spring equinox, meaning we have officialy have twelve hours of Sun and twelve hours of night. In reality though; the light is there for quite a while before and after the Sun is above the horizon. 247 more words

The Beginning. Girton College. For another set of ice lovers.

It’s a year ago since I began my contract with BAS, going down to Girton College in Cambridge and being like an excited 9 year old, learning more about where I was off to and who with, wandering around staring at peoples badges and seeing who’s who, where they are off to and whether they are summer or winter crew. 58 more words

Duxford Airport Tower Visit

To top-off our air-ground radio training we were fortunate to be invited to visit the Radio Communications tower at Duxford Airport. This was incredibly useful in terms of seeing flight planning, meteorology report passing and tower operations in action.   230 more words


The Job Interview. Fail, actually hang-on...

Every year around Christmas time the British Antarctic Survey start putting  the seasonal job advertisements on the BAS website for the winter teams posts for both the Halley and Rothera bases. 555 more words

British Antarctic Survey

Snow Tractors

I’ve made it my mission to start a certain percentage of my posts with variations on the theme of “been busy, been a while etc…” 492 more words

why I moved to the tropics ...

Whatever happened to Globull warming?

ABC Central West‘s photo.

Is this the coldest?

ABC Central West

Sorry Goulburn, you’ve been usurped. This is cold …

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