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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earthday 2014! Nope, not heard of it either till I got a message asking for a selfie from Antarctica for NASA. And NASA is cool so…. 17 more words

The Blood Moon! Or lunar eclipse if you like...

Still getting myself outside, still not getting better with the camera (plenty of time though) and still swearing and windmilling my arms around in a vain attempt at keeping my hands warm. 271 more words

Halley VI 2014 Team Photographs

Halley Summer Team, with too many people to type out, not all the summer staff are present with a few folk coming and going throughout the season… 24 more words

Winter Trip. Cold, Cold Weather and a Psychedelic Sky.

This week was my turn to get out and about down here on the ice. Winter trips are a good chance to see more of the sights a bit further away from base. 2,378 more words

Moss comes back to life after 1500 years frozen

The survival of life on Earth always gives us  more surprises. A team of scientists from the University of Reading and the British Antarctic Survey (UK) have managed to revive a moss that was frozen for… 181 more words

BID Group One

What it's like down here, weather and stuff...

This week someone asked me what I missed down here, it’s a pretty easy list of things really.  Friends, family, real milk in my tea, Christmas, grass, trees, hills. 1,714 more words

Frozen for 1,600 years, Antarctic moss revived

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists have revived a moss plant that was frozen beneath the Antarctic ice and seemingly lifeless since the days of Attila the Hun. 126 more words