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Going to (South) Georgia

Living and working in remote environments, like South Georgia, involves a certain element of risk. Even though there is a doctor on the research base, we will be almost 1500km away from the nearest hospital! 36 more words

The British Antarctic Survey

I did not know, before reading the obituary of Richard Laws that The British Antarctic Survey (of which Laws was Director in the 1970s and 80s), that the successful continuation of this hugely renowned scientific base was indirectly due to the Falklands War. 280 more words

Winter Trips. The Sequel. Part Five.

Yes. Yes it is this Blue!

Didn’t bother with the symbol.

Yay, it’s the fifth and final part of my winter trip tale. Dragged it out a bit I suppose! 1,037 more words


Winter Trip. The Sequel. Part Four. I’m going with initials in the title now, you know – to keep things fresh. Like N.K.O.T.B..  Next one’s just gonna be a symbol. 1,303 more words

Winter Trip. The Sequel. Part Three.

Next installment!

After a night in the sweat-box Windy Caboose we had breakfast, tidied up and made plans for the day. John, my partner on this trip had missed his last one and still (after being south a few times)  had still not seen the Hinge zone on any of his trips.  1,109 more words

Winter Trip. The Sequel. Part Two.

The second part of my recent excursion continues with a new partner on the trip – John, the Base Commander, with Doc staying home to keep an eye on his patient. 1,387 more words

Winter Trip. The Sequel. Part One.

Last week it was my turn to head back out into the field on my winter trip. Winter trips are one of the great privileges of working for BAS. 1,141 more words