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A while ago I got the chance to go out into the field in a BAS Twin Otter. This is a pretty rare treat for us at Halley but for me it was a bit odd. 659 more words

Antarctic sea urchins can handle some global warming

Lab testing measures response to rising temps, increasing acidification

Staff Report

FRISCO — Sea urchins around the Antarctic Peninsula are able to adapt to  warmer and more acidic seawater conditions expected by the end of the century, at least in a laboratory setting. 591 more words



It’s one of those unavoidable things that comes round every year, like winter colds or tax returns. Yes, it’s the traditional annual Bird Island blonding. Each year hundreds of seal pups get marked with hair dye so that they can be easily tracked, and it seems only reasonable that the humans responsible get a bit blonder too. 141 more words

Speaking to Meadowlark Elementary, Kansas

Last month I had the chance to speak to the fifth grade class at Meadowlark elementary school in Andover, Kansas, after some of the teachers there got in touch with me. 525 more words