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Snow Tractors

I’ve made it my mission to start a certain percentage of my posts with variations on the theme of “been busy, been a while etc…” 492 more words

why I moved to the tropics ...

Whatever happened to Globull warming?

ABC Central West‘s photo.

Is this the coldest?

ABC Central West

Sorry Goulburn, you’ve been usurped. This is cold …

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People falling past my window.

No Photographs in that last post so here we go with a short post and some pictures from a while back.
On base we try to be ready for anything and everything, so training is a regular thing. 398 more words

Been a while, time for an update...

In the words of Doctor Nick: “Hi everybody!”

Been a bit quiet down Halley way since midwinter and hence- been a bit quiet on the blog writing front. 880 more words

Climate change drives Antarctic fur seal decline

Survival of the fittest?

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — After studying fur seals around Antarctica for decades, researchers with the British Antarctic Survey say they’re seeing distinct genetic changes related to a changing climate and food availability. 573 more words

Climate And Weather

Q and A: Polar expert Alex Taylor discusses the lure of the North (and South)

Ottawa native Alex Taylor has spent more than 20 years working in and exploring the Arctic and Antarctic. He has worked as a logistician and guide for the… 996 more words

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