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just to let you know that i'm still alive, but can't really be too bothered


i’m doing fine, thank you. if you care, you haven’t heard that much about my life recently because i don’t quite think i’m in the right mood (or moon, i don’t know) now to just sit down and write something worthwhile. 1,005 more words

Things Happening To Me

Starburst Memories: She knows you know

Part of my nostalgic affection for GREASE (1978) ┬áis related to the comedy version of You’re The One That I Want by Hylda Baker and Arthur Mullard. 1,016 more words

Starburst Memories

UNBELIEVABLE ADVENTURES OF A BELIEVABLE RAINBOW - a small N.F. tribute waiting for you to criticise

we Russian fieldmice are about to create some kind of a present to the one and the only mr. Fielding by publishing a book or something that will be filled with all the hubba-bubba nightmares from our heads that Noel Fielding would be proud of. 665 more words

Things Happening To Me

The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs (1974)


Writing my recommendation for The Piglet Files convinced me that I should write one for The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs as well after all. 727 more words


My top 10 British comedy series

British TV has a really strong tradition of comedy, especially of the more off the wall kind, which is really quite different from US TV comedy. 1,134 more words

Top Tens

I Feel Like It's Time for Some Film Critiques

I saw two excellent films this past weekend that I’d like to talk about.

First was What We Did on Our Holiday

The poster says it right there. 333 more words