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Supersizers Go: The American South

In the last week, I’ve mainlined every episode of Supersizers Go, a British TV program in which restaurant critic Giles Corren and comedian Sue Perkins get medically tested, then dress up in costumes and eat the food they would have eaten during various periods of history, such as ancient Rome or wartime Britain. 2,748 more words


The Inbetweeners 2 - 07/08/2014 @ Curzon Cinema, Clevedon.

After the first Inbetweeners movie making a stack of money, a sequel has to made, this time with a bigger budget and set abroad. Yet another young person’s right of passage is explored, in the last film it was the lads holiday, in this film it is the gap year in which they travel Australia. 645 more words

Film Review

Cuckoo - what an amazingly boring urban fantasy... what do you mean it's realism?

Last week in a class we watched the pilot of a show called Cuckoo, which I took exception to. It’s a British show, which has actually been going a whole season (how this happens is beyond me) about a fairly regular, but not conservative, British couple whose daughter comes back from a gap year of travelling and has gotten married to the least believable being to ever exist, apparently. 307 more words


DVD review: Friday Night Dinner Series 2

Friday Night Dinner: Season 2


If you’ve never seen Friday Night Dinner before, lucky you: you are in for a treat.

Robert Popper’s sitcom has a laughably simple premise. 405 more words

The Inbweeners Movie 2

The Inbetweeners Movie 2

When the Inbetweeners announced the first movie I didn’t think the creators would be able to translate a half hour show to a full movie However when I went to see it it worked very, very well. 369 more words


The Solution Part 7 (featuring levers, soiled thongs and a house of ill repute)

Back at Mosskald Police Station, Sergeant Bunton idly tapped his mobile phone against his chin while he considered the angles. He’d realised long ago that it was always about angles and levers. 666 more words

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