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There are many TV shows (and movies) out there in the vastness of the television world that comprises of ensembles that either seem to have been written by Joss Whedon or butchered by Michael Bay. 1,223 more words

I Review Stuff

What Went Right With... Sky Arts' Psychobitches?

Psychobitches is one of those TV gems that you rarely come across on mainstream television, and when you do stumble across it; you secretly enjoy the fact that it’s not too widely known. 652 more words


Are You Being Served? Still? #mondayblogs #BBC #Comedy

Timeless would not even begin to roughly describe this masterpiece of British Comedy. This great old classic still stands as a terrific example of fine writing and acting. 410 more words

Notes From The Frogpond

An Introduction to a Play

[Scene, an empty stage, a single light picks out the center stage, it is empty, a cough, the light moves left to illuminate a man dressed in a tuxedo. 378 more words

I Give It a Year (2013) Movie Review

What to expect from a movie directed by Borat and Bruno’s co-screenwriter? 236 more words



My thoughts on whatever TV shows I’m watching right now. They aren’t current, they’re most likely British, and I’ve likely seen them before. Spoilers.

I’ll never understand how comedy gets made. 636 more words


Les Dawson - The Manchester school of philosophy

The comedian Les Dawson excelled as a stand-up and as an actor. What is often overlooked is his whimsical mastery over the English language.

Les Dawson, 1,267 more words